Origin of the Word Ergonomics: Ergo is Latin for “Work”, and Nomics is Greek for “Law”. 

So Ergonomics means the law of work that makes the Job

  • More pleasant by reducing physical and mental stress. 
  • Safer by preventing injury and illness.
  • Easier by adjusting the Job to the worker.
  • Improves sustainable productivity and saves money.

A chair designed to take care of your comfort, posture, support and health while you work, in the best possible way is called an ergonomic chair.

We sit for hours together in our office chairs. Sitting is not the normal human position for rest.  50% of people in the industrialized world have a back problem, and many of these are due to poor seat design. Sitting leads to 50 to 90% more stress on the back compared to standing position. 

People who work in a sitting position for long hours suffer back pain, muscle tenderness, and aches. Health problems like varicose veins, stiff necks, and numbness in the legs are more common among seated employees than those doing heavier tasks.

Besides, sedentary time and no exercise is associated with health effects such as metabolic syndrome (including diabetes), heart disease, and poor mental health. These effects are not related to how active a person is physically.

In such circumstances, it almost becomes essential to choose ergonomic office chairs. Whether it is a regular office chair or a computer chair, it has to be ergonomic. 

It is better to pay a slightly more for a computer chair price than have a life long back problem.

Ergonomic computer chairs or office chairs too? 

Yes, that is the most crucial piece of furniture you need in your office. Ergonomic Chair with your computer table and other ergonomic office chairs as well. If you are doing any office work nowadays, there are 100% chances that you are working on a computer for long periods. In some cases, you must be spending 8 to 12 hours working on the computer—all the more reason for you to have an ergonomic office chair. 

Actually, a chair should be tailor-made for every worker. But that is not possible due to the high costs involved. So an ergonomic chair is the next best thing. All its parts are adjustable so that every worker can adjust these according to her body size, posture and comfort. 

Features of a Good chair

  • Adjustable Seat height – Seat height should be adjustable to the size recommended for the workers. You should be able to sit with your feet flat on the floor or a footrest without pressure on the underside of thighs.
  • Seat depth – You should be able to sit in the Chair without pressure at the back of your knees with your back supported by the backrest.
Ergonomic Chair Characteristics
  • Seat width – To allow you to have a comfortable and even pressure across the entire seat, and allow for some adjustments to your posture.
  • Seat angle – The adjustable seat angle should allow you to support your feet on the floor or footrest without putting too much pressure on them.
  • Adjustable Backrest – Should be adjustable vertically and in front and back direction and with firm lumbar support. The backrest should be of appropriate height and width to support without restricting movement.
  • Swivel – You should be able to stretch your arm and pick up anything nearby in all of the 360-degree angles.
  • Armrests – Should evenly support the arms with adjustable height and width(distance from the seat).
  • Seat surface – Should be comfortable and made of breathable materials that minimize heat and moisture buildup. But in hospitals and laboratories where infection control is a concern, other materials may be more appropriate.
  • Stability – We always recommend a five-point base.
  • Casters – Hard casters are needed for carpeted areas and soft for hard floors. In some cases, when a stationary work position is necessary, no casters would be better.

There are hundreds of manufacturers of ergonomic chairs in India and thousands of options. Be aware of copy & paste manufacturers. Buy only from reputed manufacturers who provide an on-site warranty.
After thorough research, we arrived at the following ten best ergonomic chairs. (Mentioned here in alphabetical order.)

  • AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair (Black)
  • BeAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Office Revolving Chair (Brown)
  • Da URBAN® Miller Medium Back revolving Office Chair (Black) (1Pc)
  • Daintree Nancy High Back Office Chair (Lacquer Finish, Black)
  • DeckUp ComfyFactor by DeckUp Apollo Office Chair (Black)
  • Durian Oxford/HB/C Desk Chair (Black)
  • GODREJ INTERIO Virtue Study Chair Leatherette, Black (Suitable for Work from Home)
  • GreenSoul® Vienna High-Back Leatherette Executive Office Ergonomic Chair (Black & Tan)
  • Nilkamal Veneto High Back Office Chair (Black)
  • Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair, High Back Mesh Desk Office Chair Adjustable Headrest Computer Task Chair – Gray

AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair

Amazon Basics MidBack Office Chair

Most Cost Effective

  • Product Dimensions -69 x66 x100 cm; 13.5 kg
  • Primary material – Leather
  • Upholstery material – Leatherette
  • Assembly Type – Require Assembly
  • Customer Reviews – 3.7 / 5 – Ratings – 14796
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – 124.7 kg
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Being an Amazon Brand, it is relatively cost-effective, and amazingly there is lots of praise for this product. It has a padded seat and back for all-day comfort. The benefit is that Amazon is very open about all aspects of development and service.

BeAAtho JS-2 Executive Office Chair (Brown)

Beaatho JS2

Shipped Directly by the Manufacturer

  • Product Dimensions – 85 x 53 x 53 cm; 15 kg
  • Frame material – Wood
  • Upholstery material – Leatherette
  • Assembly Type – Requires Assembly
  • Customer Reviews – 4/5 Ratings – 232
  • Warranty – One Year

A very comfortable and durable high back chair. A much-appreciated product. Nowadays most of the chairs come with DIY assembly. So it must be simple. Thankfully it is effortless in this case.
An issue some people might not like is that the backrest is fixed with the seat. Though the tilt-back option is there, the seat angle also changes with it. The company does have other options as well, but they are expensive.

Da URBAN® Miller Medium Back Chair (Black)

Da Urban Miller Medium

Double layered seat & back

  • Product Dimensions – 51 x 51 x 102 cm; 15 Kg
  • Primary material – Chromium Steel
  • Upholstery material – Leatherette
  • Assembly Type – Do-it-yourself
  • Customer Reviews – 3.3/5 – Ratings – 392
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – 100 kg
  • Warranty – 6 Months

Another cost-effective option. At this price, it is an excellent value for money. Assembly is also simple. The backrest moves along with the seat as both are attached. At this price, you cannot get a moving backrest.
But leatherette does not give comfort in summers. If you are a tall person, you might not get proper thigh or neck support. There are some service complaints.

Daintree Nancy High Back Office Chair (Black)

Daintree Nancy

Lacquer Finish

  • Product Dimensions – 63 x 64 x 123 cm; 20 Kg
  • Primary material – Others
  • Upholstery material – Leatherette
  • Assembly Type – Do It Yourself
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – 200 kg
  • Customer Reviews – 5/5 – 1 Rating
  • Warranty – One year

Daintree Nancy High Back Office Chair is an elegant chair. The lacquer finish gives it a very premium look. The double cushioning on the seat and the backrest makes it super comfortable.

DeckUp ComfyFactor Office Chair

DeckUp ComfyFactor

BIFMA Certified 340 MM Black Coated Metal Base

  • Product Dimensions – 68 x 68 x120 cm;13.5 Kg
  • Primary material – Metal
  • Upholstery material – Rub Resistant Fabric and Mesh
  • Assembly Type – Do It Yourself
  • Customer Reviews – 5/5 – 2 Ratings
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – 150 kg
  • Warranty – 6 Months

Another very comfortable chair. There is an added advantage that the seat and backrest, both have breathable materials. This easy to assemble Chair is also very durable. The manufacturer can increase the warranty from 6 months to one year. Height adjustable armrests, lumbar support and headrest are some excellent features.

Durian Oxford/HB/C Desk Chair

Durian Oxford HB Chair

5 Year Warranty

  • Product Dimensions – 49 x 62 x 124 cm; 16 Kg
  • Upholstery material – Leatherette
  • Assembly Type – Require Assembly
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – 160 kg
  • Customer Reviews – 4.5 – 2 Ratings

Durian as a brand is very well recognized. Their products always have outstanding quality. Their most significant assurance is the five-year warranty they offer when most other brands offer anything between six months and one year.
It is a very comfortable chair. The company personal will help in assembling. They are super polite people which makes the purchase even more satisfactory. My personal choice is Durian any day.

GODREJ INTERIO Virtue Study Chair

Godrej Interio Virtue Study Chair

Assembly Provided by the Brand

  • Product Dimensions –  70 x70 x105.5cm 16Kg
  • Primary material – Metal Base
  • Upholstery material – Synthetic Leather
  • Assembly Type – Provided by Brand
  • Customer Reviews – 5/2 – 2 Ratings
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – kg
  • Warranty – One Year

Godrej is another name to reckon with. The company is known for quality products in all the spheres it operates. Godrej is very well recognized as a furniture company.
Their chairs are also world-class. This Chair is though simple to look at, is a very comfortable and durable product. Unlike most other companies, their service person will come and assemble it for you. Buying this Chair, you feel it is worth value for money. However, they can increase the warranty to two years to give more assurance to the customer.

GreenSoul® Vienna High-Back Chair
(Black & Tan)

GreenSoul Vienna High Black

Three Years Warranty

  • Product Dimensions – 62 x 52 x 110 cm; 25 Kg
  • Primary material – Wood
  • Upholstery material – Leatherette
  • Assembly Type – Instructions Enclosed
  • Customer Reviews – 4/5 – Ratings 1717
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – 110 kg
  • Warranty – Three Years

The Chair is super exciting and comfortable. The company has a warranty of three years. At this price, it is undoubtedly a perfect chair. Suitable for a home office like mine due to the colour combination.

Nilkamal Veneto High Back Office Chair (Black)

Nilkamal Veneto

Well established Furniture Company

  • Product Dimensions – 63 x 65 x 118 cm;17 Kg
  • Primary material – Polyurethane
  • Upholstery material – Nylon
  • Assembly Type – Requires Assembly
  • Customer Reviews – 4/5 – Ratings 16
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – 170 kg
  • Warranty – One Year

Nilkamal has been there in the Indian market for a long time. The name spells quality. When such products are there in the market, it certainly spoils the customer for choice.
It is a very comfortable and durable chair.

Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair

Smugdesk Ergonomic

Very Stylish Gray Chair

  • Product Dimensions – 63 x 44 x 118 cm; 12 Kg
  • Upholstery material – Memory Foam seat & Mesh back
  • Assembly Type – Instructions Included
  • Maximum Suggested Weight – 170 kg
  • Customer Reviews – 4/5 – Ratings 1539
  • Warranty – One Year

It is the best-looking product of all the mentioned. It is also very comfortable. It can be easily called the most comfortable of the lot. The lumbar support is the best part I must say. Using this Chair is a pleasure.

Though the light grey colour gets a bit dirty over time if you can take good care of cleaning it regularly, I recommend this product.


There are old established manufacturers in the above list and the new entrants too. There are indigenously manufactured chairs as well as the imported ones. I must mention here; the imported ones may not be the best choice. Depending on your budget, you can buy any of the products mentioned above. Though we have given our recommendations against each of them, looks and style is a personal choice. Now that a lot of these chairs are being bought for home offices too, you need to match them against the home décor.