Fitbit has officially announced The Fitbit Charge 5, the company’s newest fitness tracker. Fitbit’s Charge 5 fitness band, which will retail for $180 in the autumn but is now available for presale, is an upgrade to the Charge series of fitness bands.

Fitbit has engaged Will Smith as the celebrity model for the tracker.

It comes with a free trial of Fitbit Premium for six months, where you get health and fitness guidance and access to > 500 Workouts and Nutrition Sessions.

It will be available in Black/Graphite, Lunar White/Soft Gold and Steel Blue/Platinum.

For the first time, the Fitbit Charge 5 will have an AMOLED color touchscreen display that automatically adjusts the screen brightness twice as bright as the Charge 4. It will also have a bigger collection of watch faces.

Unlike Charge 4, hopefully, it will be visible in bright sunlight.

Fitbit Daily Readiness Score

Fitbit Charge 5 introduces the Daily Readiness Score. Take care of your body with a Daily Readiness Score that indicates whether you should exercise or rest. The Fitbit says, “Do what’s best for your body every day.”

The Daily Readiness Score analyses your Fitbit data to determine if you are prepared to exercise or whether you should focus on recovery. Over time, it will assist you in understanding how your exercise levels, sleep habits, and heart rate variability from past days contribute to your current level of vigour and well-being today.

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Fitbit EDA Sensor.

Fitbit mindfulness feature is already present in Fitbit Sense. A little electrical shift on your skin may reveal your body’s stress reaction. Fitbit Charge 5 detects EDA reactions via your hand using a multi-path electrical sensor.

Stress reaction in your body. Your electrodermal activity is detected when you are conducting an EDA mindfulness session. Put your palm over Charge 5 for immediate feedback. Less EDA reactions are shown when you are relaxed.

Boost mental health. You may develop a mindfulness practice and enhance your mental health by performing regular EDA sessions on your Fitbit Charge 5. Studies indicate that mindfulness-based practices like meditation are the most helpful in decreasing stress.

Always-On Mode

Turn on the always-on display to see real-time workout data. But this may result in extra battery use.

This pricing places the Fitbit Charge 5 between the Fitbit Luxe and Versa 3, which appears to be a good match.

The Fitbit Charge 5 maintains 20 workout profiles, automatic exercise recognition, and all of the sophisticated sleep detection and low/high heart rate alerts you’d expect from a Fitbit gadget.

The Charge 5 represents one of the most significant design modifications to the Charge family. The Fitbit Charge 5 eliminates the sharp angles that characterized previous Charge trackers in favor of a more rounded design. In addition, it is the first Charge to have a color AMOLED display. According to the company, the display is twice as bright as Charge 4.

The Fitbit Charge 5 is water-resistant to 5ATM like the Charge 4. The Fitbit Charge 4 was a standout fitness tracker, in part because it was the first Fitbit to include GPS tracking, and Sp02 sensor, and active minutes monitoring. Fitness enthusiasts adored it, and as a consequence, we’re already wondering what will be included in the Fitbit Charge 5’s follow-up.

What’s not to appreciate about the Charge 4’s incredible seven-day battery life? Fitbit Charge 5 has a similar battery which we are yet to test. With additional functions and a brighter display, it is going to be difficult.

The Charge 5 consolidates Fitbit’s most advanced features from the Sense smartwatch into a radically redesigned device that is a significant visual upgrade over the Charge 4. Moreover, it establishes the fitness tracker as the company’s flagship form factor – albeit one that blurs the lines between smartwatches and activity bands.

The Fitbit Charge 5 has the same EDA sensor as the Fitbit Sense, which enables tracking changes in stress levels. Fitness tracking Similar to the Fitbit Charge 4, the Charge 5 has a variety of exercise tracking modes, as well as built-in GPS for tracking your runs, bike rides, and walks without the need to carry your phone.

Major Features Fitbit Charge 5

Notifications – Send fast answers to messages and alerts from applications like Gmail, WhatsApp, and Facebook straight from your wrist. Only for Android users.

Stress Control Score – Get a daily stress score that shows your body’s reaction. You can see how exercise, mindfulness, and sleep assist in controlling stress.

Active Zone Min – A customized Cardio Fitness Score. Does every exercise provide you with the desired outcomes? It guides you to your chosen intensity level using your heart rate.

Reflections – Easily record your moods from very stressed to very calm and track your progress.

PurePulse 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking – To view your resting heart rate trends and cardio fitness level in the Fitbit app, use PurePulse® continuous heart rate tracking.

ZZZZZ – Use the sleep mode to silence phone alerts and turn off your screen overnight. Set a timetable on the wrist to go to sleep.

Bands Infinity – Infinity bands are flexible and comfortable to wear all day. Plus, the quick-release system makes changing appearances a breeze.

SpO2 Monitoring – Track your blood oxygen levels (SpO2) to see any changes in your general health.

Antennae – During outdoor activities, use the GPS to track your speed and distance, and your journey map in the app.

SmartWake – The Smart Wake alarm goes off 30 minutes before the programmed time, allowing you to wake up refreshed.

HRV – Understand whether your body is exhibiting symptoms of stress, sickness, or tiredness based on previous month’s patterns of heart rate variability (HRV).

SmartTrack® – Forget to track? No issue. SmartTrack® automatically detects and records elliptical, running, and swimming sessions.

Mode Non Disturb – During day time, disable call, text, calendar, and app notifications.

B Rate – Learn your typical breaths per minute and look for unexpected spikes that may signal a change in your health.

Thermometry – Track your skin temperature at night to detect changes in your body, like a fever or ovulation.

20 Exercises– Set personal goals for runs, rides, and more, and receive real-time data to help you stay on track.

Stages of Sleep & Score – Get a daily Sleep Score and graphs of your light and deep sleep. You can even get the score for rapid-eye-movement sleep and understand the quality of your sleep better.

BMI (Body Mass Index) – Learn your VO2 max (a measure of how well your body utilizes oxygen while you’re working hard) and track your progress.

Menstrual Cycle Monitoring – Track your periods, symptoms, and cycle trends with the app.

Swimproof – Wear Fitbit Charge 5 in the pool, rain, at the beach, and beyond.

Wellness Reminders – Set optional customized reminders for important activities like keeping hydrated, sleeping on time, exercising, and more.

Components & Sensors – Optical HR monitor, 3-axis accelerometer, Built-in GPS and GLONASS. Oxygen saturation monitoring (SpO2) with sensors – red and infra red. NFC, Temperature sensor, Vibration motor, Radio transceiver: Bluetooth, Ambient light sensor, Multipurpose electrical sensors compatible with the ECG app & EDA Scan app.

Battery & Power – Lithium-polymer Battery. Full Chargeing time: Two hours.

Memory – Saves 7 days of minute-by-minute motion data. Saves last 30 days’ daily totals. Intervals of one second for workout tracking and five seconds for all other times.

Water Resistant – Charge 5 is 50 meters water resistant. You are recommended to dry and keep the band clean as that is always better for the skin in case of any device.

Materials – The Charge 5 housing is made of aluminium, glass and resin. The band is of silicone and has an aluminium buckle.

Temperature – The most suitable temperature for the band is -10° to 45° C. Similarly the maximum altitude too is 8535m. By the way there are only three mountains in the world higher than this.

Syncing – The Fitbit app works with most phones. Install the Fitbit app on a compatible device to set up and utilise your Fitbit items. Change 5 has a range of up to 9 meters. Synchronization needs Bluetooth LE and Internet.

Band Size – Small -130mm – 170mm and Large – 170mm – 210 mm.

Dimensions – Viewing area: 26.43mm diagonal. According to company sources, it is 10% thinner compared to Charge 4.

Fitbit Charge 5 – Cons

  • It does not have any music storage facility.
  • There is not voice assistant in it.
  • There is no altimeter so it doesn’t have the option of tracking the floors climbed.