Fitness trackers for Cyclists can be a great motivation to stay active, but they all focus on different aspects of your health. So you'll end up wearing at least two if you want to track how many calories you're burning, how many steps you've taken, and how much sleep you're getting each night.

But now, with the advancement in technology, you don't have to run around with two different devices if you're a cyclist: Some of our favorite trackers have added biking functionality that monitors how many miles you've biked in a day, tracks your speed and average speed, and even tells you how many hours you were in an intense zone, tracking your heart rate constantly.

Smartwatches vs. Fitness Trackers: Which Are Better for Cyclists?

A fitness tracker and a smartwatch differ most from one another in terms of functionality and intellectual skills.

With more advancement in technology, the difference between fitness trackers and Smartwatches is decreasing. 

A smartwatch has the same capacity for fitness tracking as a fitness tracker. For example, most smartwatches have cardiovascular sensors and built-in GPSs for better health tracking, coaching, and special training tracking. 

The most advanced fitness trackers also have various smartwatch features nowadays.

So the situation is rather better for the customer now as the no. of options combining both the categories have almost doubled.

So while doing our reviews, we have considered both the categories this time.

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Fitness Trackers for Cyclists

Garmin Fenix 6 Solar

Garmin Fenix 6

  • Size – 1.3″ Thickness -14.7mm
  • Battery – Li-Ion – 420 mah
  • Weight – Case only Steel-60gm, Titanium-49gm
  • Build – Corning Gorilla Glass or Saphire Crystal
  • Water Resistant – 10 ATM – 100 mtrs
  • Display – 260*260
  • Memory – 32Gb
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

The battery life is among the best in its class. The design is extremely long-lasting. There are excellent fitness tracking and coaching services available. There is ample room for maps and local music.

Wrist-based heart rate and Pulse Ox sensors provide information about your fitness activities. Dynamic PacePro helps you to operate intelligently across different field types. Running and cycling measures are possible in ways you are not aware of. Surf through your world using Multi-GNSS satellite and outdoor sensors. Synchronize your preferred streaming services with music without your phone.

The entire Garmin Fenix 6X line is the best in class. The 6X Pro is a big watch with many technologies and a lot of battery, but its size means it won't be for everyone.

If you need to go the extra mile in terms of battery life and workout intensity and don't mind the extra weight, the 6X is a great choice. Most cyclists, however, could stick with a 6 Pro and be just as happy with the quality.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch 6

Sub Title

  • Size – 1.78″ Thickness -10.4mm
  • Battery – Li-Ion – 304 mah
  • Weight – 47.1 gm
  • Build – Sapphire Crystal
  • Water Resistant – 50 mtrs
  • Display – Always On 448*368
  • Memory – 32Gb RAM – 1GB
  • Loud Speaker – Yes
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

The Apple Watch 6 is fully capable of tracking every rotation. It maps your routes and keeps track of your location using advanced built-in GPS systems. In emergency, it uses GPS and its built-in cellular system to pinpoint your exact location. It will broadcast SOS signals to the appropriate local emergency services.

You can see your track maps on the wrist directly and get a wrist tap that tells you when the time is right after entering the address. You can still personalize your Apple Watch with thousands of different watch faces, as before. There are cycling-specific watch faces available, so look for them in the App Store, web, or social media.

The integrated cellular system allows you to ride without the need for a telephone so that you can remain in touch and listen to music while moving. Send texts, make calls or check voicemails anytime, anywhere, play your favorite tunes. Apple Watch 6 has a battery life of up to 18 hours on one charge, and overall, battery charging is faster.

Suunto 9 Baro

Suunto 9 Baro

Sub Title

  • Size – 1.97″ Thickness -16.8mm
  • Battery – Li-Ion, 14 Days
  • Weight – 81 gm
  • Build – Sapphire Glass
  • Water Resistant – 100 mtrs
  • Display – 320 x 300
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

Battery is 25 hrs in Performance mode & 120 hours in Ultra with Charging Reminders Extensive testing in the most extreme conditions.  FusedTrack technology improves track and distance accuracy. 80 different Sport Modes, Wrist HR and Barometer. 

The Suunto 9 Baro is the top-of-the-line smartwatch from the Finnish company, featuring a touchscreen and barometric pressure measurement.
It has a lot of easy-to-operate features. It will provide you with as much data as you need to track your exercise and fitness and your non-exercise activity throughout the day. The Suunto 9 Baro is equally suitable for running, swimming, hiking, and mountaineering: over 80 sport profiles.
Suunto's battery management technology is impressive. When using the Suunto 9 Baro for a combination of activity tracking, all-day wear, and sleep tracking, you can expect it to last for at least a week before needing to be charged.

Polar Vantage V

Polar Vantage V

Sub Title

  • Size – 1.2″ Thickness -13 mm
  • Battery – 346 mAh Li-pol
  • Weight – 52 gm with wrist band
  • Build – Laminated Gorilla glass lens with anti-fingerprint coating.
  • Water Resistant – 100 mtrs
  • Display – Always On colour 240*240
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

Light weight aluminum shell, Wrist based HR, Running & Cycling performance tests, Training Load & Recovery Pro to guide you

The Polar Vantage V2 is one of the most versatile multi-sport watches available, with 130 sport profiles, GPS tracking, and an eight-LED heart-rate sensor. It also works with chest straps and cadence sensors.

The Vantage V2 supplements your training and provides meaningful recovery insights. You can check your training, running & cycling details, hill runs, sleep statistics, and recommendations as well.
The Polar Vantage V2 gives a premium feel due to the aerospace aluminum case. It's lighter and better built than many of its competitors, and it's more stylish and sleek.
A limited set of watch faces and a slow touchscreen. Smart Watch Functions are still Short


Polar Grit X

Sub Title

  • Size – 1.2″ Thickness -13mm
  • Battery – 346 mAh Li-pol
  • Weight – 64 gm with band
  • Build – Laminated Gorilla glass lens
  • Water Resistant – 100 mtrs
  • Display – Always On 240*240
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

Tracks hill ascent and descent. Features Komoot route planning. Fueling reminders for long events and training sessions. Offers training advice with a Data-rich companion app. Tracks sleep. Long battery life. Always-on display with a dedicated button to light up the screen

The Grit X is designed for serious outdoor athletes who train in the mountains. Its Hill Splitter, Komoot route planning, and FuelWise features make it an appealing option for anyone who enjoys cycling, hiking, mountain biking, endurance events, trail running, skiing, or snowboarding. The Grit X and its companion app, Polar Flow, will track your progress, motivate you to move, and provide insights to help you train more efficiently. It has a  long battery life, stylish yet rugged design, and useful outdoor-specific features.

The Polar Flow app is an excellent companion to the Grit X, providing even more useful insights to help you train. Activity, Training, Nightly Recharge, and Sleep are all covered.

Is on the expensive side and doesnt have any smartwatch features except phone notifications


Suunto 5

Sub Title

  • Size – 1.4″ Thickness -14.6mm
  • Battery – Li-Ion–Tracking 7 days Training with GPS 20 to 40 hrs
  • Weight – 66 gm
  • Build – Mineral Crystal
  • Water Resistant – 50 mtrs
  • Display – Always On 218*218
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

High functionality and sport characteristics. GPS very precise. Trusted Sync and the app is great.

The Suunto 5 can do everything that the best bike-specific head units can, plus a lot more. It is a GPS-controlled watch with sophisticated performance metrics that utilize the variability of heart rate, sleep, stress, and other data to track your condition – things that a cycle unit cannot do. It has everything you'll need for sports like cycling and running.

Suunto 5 has a lot of power, and its sleek, lightweight design makes it easy to use daily. You won't have to worry about running out of juice with its intelligent battery modes and long life of up to 40 hours, even on longer training sessions or hikes. The watch learns your training patterns and even reminds you to charge it, so you're always ready for the next session. Suunto 5 is built to withstand even the most adverse conditions.

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3

  • Size – 1.58″ Thickness – 12.35mm
  • Battery – Li-Pol – 340 mah
  • Weight – 40 gm
  • Build – Aluminum Casing
  • Water Resistant – 50 mtrs
  • Display – Always On 336*336 Amoled
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

The design is appealing, with a large, always-on colour display. The built-in GPS battery charges quickly and lasts for several days.
While sleeping, it measures the level of oxygen in the blood. Amazon Alexa, Fitbit Pay, and Spotify are all supported.

The Fitbit Versa 3 is an excellent wearable with built-in GPS and a few design changes. With only a few productivity apps available, it is more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch. What you do get is longer battery life, a better display, and a slew of fitness statistics, making this a very compelling and reasonably priced Apple Watch alternative.

It provides excellent value for money, particularly for Android users. If you leave your phone at home, the integrated GPS now tracks the pace and distance of your walks, runs, bike rides, or hikes in real-time.
It has a larger screen and an integrated SpO2 sensor to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood while sleeping and support Fitbit's Active Zone Minutes metric.

Withings Steel HR Sport

Withings Steel HR Sport

  • Size – 1.6″ Thickness -13 mm
  • Battery – Upto 25 days
  • Weight – 49 gm watch only
  • Build – Stainless steel case
  • Water Resistant – 50 mtrs
  • Display – Oled display 360*360
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

Heart rate monitoring, Activity tracking, Sleep monitoring, 25 day normal battery life, Stylish design, GPS capabilities and a long battery life

The design of this hybrid watch is slim and light. A small display sits above the main watch. It comes with a perforated sporty band. It's a small and slim hybrid watch that won't take up much room on your wrist. The watch has a stainless steel 40mm case with a black bezel around the outside and a white or black watch face in the center. It has a premium feel to it.

The watch has a small black and white screen. You have a date, alarms, heart rate, calories burned, step count, distance travelled etc. You can also check battery life on it.

Garmin Lily

Garmin Lily

Sub Title

  • Size – 1.36″ Thickness -10.15 mm
  • Battery – Upto 5 day Battery Life
  • Weight – 24 gm
  • Build – Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Water Resistant – 50 mtrs
  • Display – 240 x 201 pixels LCD
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

Classic watch design that is both stylish and timeless. Breathing, energy, and stress levels are all measured. SpO2 sensor and a plethora of useful widgets This is an excellent companion app.

Extremely classic and modern to make a statement and keep you connected as well. You've never seen a smartwatch this small and capable. The stylish patterned touchscreen display lights up by flicking a wrist, and disappears by itself. Lily is petite and stylish. A small, fashionable smartwatch that keeps track of your vital health statistics.

The Garmin Lily is a stylish watch that was thoughtfully designed with women in mind. It has a slimmer profile, a more appealing face, and a thinner band than any previous Garmin device. Menstrual tracking is available by default on your wrist, and sending an emergency alert to contact is as simple as repeatedly tapping the touchscreen.

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

Sub Title

  • Wrist Band
  • Battery – 7 Days – 5 Hrs with GPS
  • Water Resistant – 50 mtrs
  • Display – Grayscale Touch Screen
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS – Wifi/5.0/Yes

It has a built-in GPS and a robust app. You have Spotify support and various sleep tools. Fitbit Pay is also present. It also has the new Active Zone Minutes to monitor your vigorous heart rate according to WHO guidelines. To top it all it has a very pleasing design

The Charge 4 has a slim design, measuring less than half an inch thick at its thickest point, and a one-inch diagonal grayscale touch screen.
If you want to improve your health and fitness, the Fitbit Charge 4 and its excellent companion app provide a wealth of insights that can help motivate you to get moving and sleep better. The Charge 4's display could be improved, but it has a sleek design, long battery life, and is water-resistant. The Charge 4 is one of the best-advanced fitness trackers you can buy. It has GPS, Spotify controls, better sleep tracking and Fitbit Pay too.