Every time you wake up with a sore back or neck, it feels like an eternity until you can roll over and hit the snooze button again. It's hard to get going when you're in pain, but luckily, relief is just a mattress away. If you're over 60 and have been waking up with aches and pains, you may want to consider investing in a new type of mattress. The best supportive mattress for seniors will help alleviate back and neck pain and help them sleep better and longer.

Mattress for Seniors Inf

Mattresses for Seniors play a very important part in their life. Nighttime sleep disruptions are very annoying and spoil the whole of the next day. In the long run, such disruptions prove unhealthy for the body as the person can never rest completely. Comfortable night sleep is as essential as food and water.

There are various reasons for bad sleep quality. Mainly sleep disorders like stress, chronic pain, medical condition, sleep apnea, hip pain, joint pain, menopause, or other medical conditions. 

To say the least quality sleep is very important for seniors to stay cheerful throughout the day. There has to be a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep for good health and wellbeing. Sleep deprivation hinders any growth.

Along with regular exercise, a comfortable mattress plays a vital role in providing a restful night, if not an absolute one.

We share here various tips for seniors to be aware of while buying a mattress.

Time to Change the Mattress

Mattresses are one piece of furniture that holds the maximum dust mites. These are responsible for various allergies like sneezing, coughing, runny or stuffy nose, itchy, watery eyes, red itchy skin, itchy throat. They can also cause breathing issues like asthma and other chronic conditions.

Dust mites are more in normal foam and innerspring mattresses. Therefore, it is better to buy a memory foam or organic latex mattress as these are most resistant to dust mites.

As seniors are more prone to allergies, you must give special attention to cleaning their mattresses regularly. That is one reason to change their mattress in 6 to 8 years, especially in humid environs. In an air-conditioned room, though, the humidity is less, and there are fewer chances of dust mites presence.

There is a wide range of mattresses available in the market today. Generally, even a high-quality mattress needs to be replaced in 6 to 8 years. But if it is in good condition, you may use it for another couple of years. Change it if

  • It is sagging.
  • It isn't quiet when you shift on it.
  • You feel pain in your lower back when you get up in the morning, which goes off after 15 minutes to half n hour.
  • You have some unexplained skin allergies or feel asthmatic.

The senior sleepers must change their mattress on time to avoid lifelong problems. What is needed is a good, responsive mattress with a balance of comfort and support.

Mattress Advisor – Be aware of a mattress advisor who tries to sell you the product available in the showroom.

Orthopedic Mattress

Please do not buy a mattress for a medical term attached to it. Many companies sell mattresses named Orthopedic, and Doctor approved, Medically approved, etc. While these types of mattresses might be good for a restful sleep but these are not certified as medical or orthopaedic approved by any recognized body. So don't fall for these terms. Especially seniors do want to believe in such terms early due to their ongoing sleep problems.

Best mattress for Seniors with Arthritis

If someone says a mattress is made for arthritis patients, do not believe him. 

For Arthritis patients and due to regular arthritis pain, a medium-firm mattress is ideal for supporting the body with a soft 1-2 inch mattress topper to provide relief to joints. But take your weight into account.

Firmness Levels & Personal Preferences

While checking the mattress types, you have to check the firmness option too. Your quality of sleep depends on that.

A comfortable mattress height is between 8 to 14 inches thick, and one can choose it according to the individual comfort preferences.

Mattress Firmness option for seniors based on body types. 

  • Normal weight – Medium-firm mattress which has 5 to 6 on a firmness scale of 10
  • Over Weight – Firm mattress 6 – 7 on 10. A firmer mattress will keep the spine aligned.
  • Under Weight – Soft mattress 4 to 5 on 10. In this case, a softer mattress will keep the spine aligned.
  • Whatever the case may be, spinal alignment with the mattress is most important. If it is too firm, you will not sleep well. If it is too soft, you will wake up with pain in the backbone.

Sleep Preferences

There are various types of sleepers considering your sleep position. So, while buying a new mattress, do consider your favourite sleeping position.

  • Back/Stomach Sleeper– You need a medium-firm mattress that is 5 – 6 on a ten scale to give support to your backbone.
  • Side Sleeper– You need a plush mattress. Maybe 4 to 5 so that your shoulders do not bear undue pressure.
  • Combination Sleepers – Mattresses with medium firmness are most suited to combination sleepers of normal weight.

Zoned Mattress

Zoned mattresses, a relatively new concept, is for a high comfort level. There are various types available in the market. Our body does not have uniform weight all over as we are heavier on our lower back, hips, and shoulders. So these parts need more support than other body parts. 

A zoned mattress is not uniformly plush or firm all over. It is firm near the heavier body parts and plush otherwise. The layers of coils inside have thicker gauge near the hip, lower back, and shoulders for proper support. Other coils have a thinner gauge.

An all-foam bed also has a more dense foam near the heavier body parts for neutral spine alignment.

These three types of zoned mattresses 

3 – Zoned Mattress – Firm near Shoulders, Lower back, and Hips

5 – Zoned Mattress – Firm near the head, shoulders, lower back, thighs, and feet.

7 – Zoned Mattress – This also includes the chest and lower legs. It might not be much comfortable as compared to a 5 – zoned mattress.

These features are generally available in a luxury model only.

Edge Support

It is essential for senior citizens. I have seen seniors slipping down due to no edge support. Nor is it possible to sit properly on the bed edge in the absence of support. 

Some mattresses have an extra cushion for strong edge support. Still, others have two lines of thicker gauge coils along the edges for support. That gives excellent edge support.

People sometimes leave the polythene cover on the mattress for safety against falling liquids. But, unfortunately, it makes the mattress more slippery. In such a case, if the edge support is not there, then the accident is just waiting to happen.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses engulf your body so that you will feel it be more comfortable than an ordinary mattress. It happens as the layers of memory take the shape of your body when you lie down. It also comes back to its original shape when you get up. Seniors like such mattresses more as they feel cosier and are good for pain relief. 

But a traditional memory foam mattress is not for hot sleepers. They retain body heat and become hot during the night. So seniors are susceptible to lose their sleep over it. 

Gel Infused Memory Foam

To counter this, manufacturers infuse gel in the layers of foam. The memory foam layer becomes cooler with this. But the gel works only for some time, and the gel memory foam mattress often loses its cooling property after some time.

Copper or Graphite Infused Memory Foam

The latest in the series are copper or graphite-infused memory foam mattresses. Both keep the mattress cool. 

Being a good conductor of heat, copper dissipates heat faster and keeps the body temperature cool. Besides, it has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, due to which the mattress is clinically an ideal choice. 

Graphite is a carbon derivative. It is used in various applications due to its property of dissipating heat. The main examples being computer CPUs where the heat is as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. For the same reason, graphite has found its application in mattresses as well.

Motion Isolation

Most seniors are light sleepers. They get disturbed even with the slightest motion transfer around them. Therefore, we must try not to disturb them when sleeping. If once the sleep is disturbed, they are not able to sleep for a long time. 

There are various mattresses in the market which have complete motion isolation, and the partner does not get disturbed when you change or shift in the bed. 

Memory foam mattresses are very good for undisturbed partner sleep. 

The hybrid mattresses also have individually pocketed coils to reduce partner disturbance. But a memory hybrid mattress is not as effective pocket coils are there for extra bounce.

You will have to check this feature practically by visiting the market. Unfortunately, not all companies have an effective motion isolation mattress.

Latex mattresses are not as effective in motion isolation, especially the Talalay Latex, as it is more bouncy. But if your preference is a Latex mattress, buy a Dunlop latex mattress or a mix of Dunlop and Talalay Latex mattress.

Hypoallergenic Mattress 

Seniors also develop certain skin allergies as they grow old. Natural latex is the best in such cases. Natural Latex, which is the most long-lasting material, is also hypoallergenic. But it is also the most expensive.

Perfect Mattress

Any mattress in which you are comfortable is perfect. There is nothing very technical about it. I recommend that you.

  • Avoid buying a polyurethane foam or innerspring mattress due to its propensity to attract dust mites.
  • Mattress warranties are very important. Brands that offer long-term warranty have more confidence in their product. Some companies even offer a lifetime or 25-year warranty.
  • Buy a mattress with an organic cotton cover that will keep the body cooler. Breathable material is better for keeping the body cool.
  • Mattresses are sold with even a 365-night sleep trial. But be aware of their terms and conditions. For example, some companies charge for the transport while returning. Some have service charges as well.
  • Buy a mattress cover along with a mattress. It will save you the embarrassment of not being able to return the mattress in case of a manufacturing defect. Companies usually don't take back soiled mattresses.
  • Do your mattress shopping from an online retailer. They save a lot on distribution costs and pass a part of it to the consumer too. Ask him for the return of your current mattress too. You can get some exchange offer, or at least they can dispose of it for you. 
  • Check the mattress review before buying it. The reviews shouldn't be much old, and the more reviews, the better it is. 
  • Expensive options are not the best ones. Mattress Industry is very competitive, and a luxury mattress need not be a durable mattress. Do proper study before buying, or you will end up with the wrong mattress.  
  • Try not to go overboard in buying a plush mattress for above-average pressure relief. You will later understand that you have bought a very bouncy mattress that offers less than optimum support to the backbone. 

End Note

What are the best sleep habits?

Establishing and following a routine of going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends limiting napping avoiding large meals and caffeine late in the day exercising regularly keeping the bedroom at a cool, comfortable temperature creating soothing bedtime rituals, such as taking a warm bath avoiding using tablets, phones, or computers with disturbing bright lights before bed avoiding alcohol before bedtime, because even small amounts are likely to interfere with sleep Summary As with people of any age, sleep is extremely important for seniors.