When it comes to choosing mattresses tailored to optimize health aspects and comfortability, the choices available on the market are overwhelming. One can easily get swayed by the vast number of options and varieties for mattresses; however, stats show health enthusiasts prefer latex hybrid mattresses and foam mattresses.

Health enthusiasts and people seeking a higher sense of comfortability opt for latex or foam mattresses. To ensure premium comfortability and multiple health benefits, Nolah Natural 11” mattress is undoubtedly a fantastic choice.

Nolah Natural 11

Nolah Mattress defines themselves as a sleep technology company. They have proved to be absolutely true with their upscale line of comfortable latex hybrid mattresses and foam mattresses. 

Nolah Natural 11” is an organic and certified Talalay Latex mattress comprising environmental-friendly components and comes with hypoallergenic qualities. Let us check out why this mattress deserves to steal the No1 spot, and is it worth buying?

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Overview of Nolah Natural 11” Mattress

The following Nolah Mattress review gives you elaborate details of the construction and benefits of Nolah Natural 11″ mattress. It is a unique and natural Talalay latex mattress that leverages the latest modernized technologies for creating a superior latex hybrid mattress. This mattress employs the proprietary AirFoam technology of Nolah for outstanding temperature control and pressure-points relief for users.

Furthermore, since it refrains from using viscoelastic chemicals and toxin compounds, Nolah mattresses use organic and recycled materials for the safety of both your health and the environment. Priced moderately, this mattress is ideal for users who want to attain the best possible comfortability without shedding off extensive money. The construction materials comprise organic cotton, Talalay latex, Nolah coils, etc.

They are renowned for their magnificent health-assisting properties and enhanced durability, worth every penny invested into the mattress. As a result, this mattress has garnered massive attention and has been accredited with multiple awards such as the Best Latex mattress, best organic mattress, and best mattress for allergies.

Who Should Buy Nolah Natural 11” Mattress?

Nolah Natural 11” mattress is ideal for hot sleepers due to the temperature regulating properties of Nolah’s AirFoam technology. It helps you keep cool and prevents the mattress or your body from being too hot. This mattress is also ideal for combination sleepers who like to sleep in different styles due to the latex mattress’s soft, comfortable properties.

Couples sharing the bed will also like the mattress due to the motion isolation properties of the mattress. Being hypoallergenic, the latex hybrid mattress also helps allergenic people to toxic compounds since the mattress comprises natural Talalay latex and organic cotton. 

Construction Materials of Nolah Natural

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The incredible Nolah Natural 11” mattress comprises environmental-friendly and healthy healing materials for optimum productivity and quality. 

Organic Cotton Cover

The GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard certified mattress cover made of organic cotton is durable enough, has cooling properties, and is extremely luxurious and soft to feel or touch. 

GOTS Wool Layer 

Users can sleep comfortably on the soft GOTS certified organic wool fiber layer of the mattress that offers brilliant cooling properties and unmatched breathability. In addition, the organic wool in the mattress acts as a fire retardant, enhancing the cooling and breathability properties. 

Talalay Latex Layer

The natural 2” Talalay latex comfort layer of the mattress makes sure you receive optimal comfortability for various pressure points. This latex hybrid mattress offers up to 33% more convenient pressure relief compared to synthetic or Dunlop latex mattresses.

Supportive Transition Layer

The outstanding 1” of Talalay latex transition layer is fabulously engineered to provide deep and therapeutic support for the entire body.

HD Max Tri-Zone Supportive Coil System

The proprietary Nolah’s 8” HDMax Tri-Zone supportive coils offer excellent mattress structure as well as strength. The mattress provides more support due to multiple support zones. There are more support coils due to which it is more comfortable than a typical hybrid mattresses.

Organic Bottom Layer

The strong support coils of the mattress are based on organic wool and cotton foundations layer that adds up to the durability and mattress stability. 

Sturdy Organic Cotton Base Layer

To enhance the durability of the mattress, Nolah uses the best GOTS-certified cotton cover fabrics that are organic in nature. In addition, it has handles on both sides to ensure the easy maneuverability of the mattress. 

Benefits of Nolah Natural 11”

Incredible Cooling and Breathability

Built with natural Talalay latex, the latex hybrid mattress, comes with seven times more breathability and cooling properties compared to other latex and foam mattresses. 

Durable & Environmental-Friendly

This mattress is naturally durable and comes with biodegradable materials sourced from renewable resources and water-based materials such as natural latex, water, and air. 

Incredibly Luxurious 

The natural Talalay latex 11” mattress is absolutely firm for side, back, and combination sleepers, supporting the back and your spine. At the same time, the mattress gently cushions the hips and shoulders for better luxury and a good night’s sleep. 

Resilient and Motion Isolation

The latex hybrid mattress made of Talalay latex is made with the perfect sleep components and is more advantageous than other foam varieties.  

They are superior in relieving pressure points, offer better breathability and maximum resilience to ensure the responsiveness of the mattress. Moreover, the Talalay latex surface absorbs all kinds of motion, and surface-level vibrations offer brilliant comfort. In addition, the pocketed coils move independently for spreading movements evenly.

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Hypoallergenic and Toxin-Free

The mattress is organic and comes with sustainable materials for better peace of mind and environmental-friendly qualities. In addition, it is OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1 (International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology) certified, being hypoallergenic and ensuring a safe product for sleeping. 


Since built with Talalay latex, the mattress restricts the sinkage in edges, and the pocketed support coils ensure the optimum perimeter structure of the mattress. As a result, you can actually utilize the full mattress surface without any hindrances. The zoned support coils also improvise recycled steel for better performance. 

Product Specifications of Nolah Natural 11”

  • Thickness: 11″ thick
  • Firmness: Luxury-Firm (Medium-Firm)
  • Motion transfer: Low
  • Body conforming: Medium
  • Pressure relief: Medium
  • Cooling: Ultra-High
  • Durability: Ultra-High
  • Flippable: No
  • Organic: Yes
  • Type: Latex Hybrid Mattress


  • Twin: 38″x75″x11″
  • Twin XL: 38″x80″x11″
  • Full: 54″x75″x11″
  • Queen: 60″x80″x11″
  • King: 76″x80″x11″
  • Cal King: 72″x84″x11″

Competitors of Nolah Natural 11”

Nolah Natural 11” is a fully-reformed and unique latex hybrid mattress that comes with outstanding properties and health traits. This is apparently the best value-for-money mattress and has garnered massive positive attention. However, the competitors of the mattress in this segment are the Zenhaven, Birch Mattress, PlushBeds Botanical Bliss, Spindle Organic Latex Mattress, and Saatva Latex Hybrid. Nolah is the best due to a number of factors such as the price, premium features within budget, and proprietary AirFoam technology. 


Nolah Natural 11” mattress is a latex hybrid mattress with a bed-in-a-box delivery option and is relatively easy to unbox. Simply open the mattress and place it on the bed to let it come to its original shape and size. It is shipped for free in the United States and takes between 2 to 8 days for delivery. 


Nolah Natural 11” latex hybrid mattress is surely your best bet if you want to experience luxury, comfortability, and positive health benefits within an economical budget. The mattress is equipped with unique technologies, and the inclusion of all-natural, biodegradable and organic materials in the construction make it ideal for people who care about their health.