Balance exercises for seniors become very important as they age, more so because, with time, the elderly begin to lose confidence.


Balance Exercises for Senior

Balance Exercises for Senior

Bad balance is a significant factor in the ageing process. If balance training is not done, it can diminish muscle power and endurance.

What causes poor balance in seniors?

– Obesity affects many people. – Arthritis and diabetes – Insufficient physical exercise – Injuries, which are often caused by fall

Besides being one of the regular challenges of ageing, balance problems are also a concern for people with such conditions as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis.

Age and balance problem

When people get older and muscle strength goes down, most choose to stay in their homes. Perhaps they are more at ease in their own house, close to friends and relatives.

Why are balance exercises for seniors so important?

Balancing exercises for seniors and strengthening and endurance exercises help minimize the likelihood of a senior citizen falling.

What part of the body controls balance?

Balance performance, agility, reaction time, and fine muscle function are regulated by the cerebellum, located towards the back of the brain.

Does walking improve balance?

Walking, strength training, and specific workouts, in conjunction, can improve balance and avoid falls, particularly in older adults.

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