The major advantages of a treadmill are that it allows you to stay in shape and lose weight without having to leave the home.

Benefits of a treadmill in weight loss

Helps in weight loss Improves heart health Rejuvenates mind Regulates blood sugar levels Boosts brain health Prevents insomnia Strengthens muscles

7 Health Benefits

HIIT involving short bursts of high intensity followed by complete rest is effective in losing belly fat if coupled with diet control.

Treadmill workout to lose belly fat

Mon - 25 mins treadmill HIIT Tues - 45 mins strength training Wed - 1 hr steady treadmill exercise Thurs - Dumbbells 40 mins Fri - 40 mins walk

5 Day Plan for Weight Loss

Run one day and stroll the next Progressively Increase - The pace - Incline - The Time Strength training a must

1-Month Weight Loss Plan

Maintain a healthy diet

To lose 5 pounds in a month, you'll need a calorie deficit of 17,500, which works out to around 583 calories each day.

Weight Loss: A 30-Day Program 

A treadmill can help you build muscle and lose weight by burning 700-1000 calories per hour. Your energy expenditure increases as you increase incline.

Treadmill calories burned: 

You know how to maximize your treadmill workout: Consistency and having fun are important. Or else most people get bored and leave.

Treadmill weight loss calculator: 

Execute a traditional speed workout with one-to-two minute intervals. After each fast run, reduce your intervals by the same amount.

Fun Workouts 

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