The Body Fortress Isolate Protein

Get as much protein as you can to gain muscle. Using a high protein, low carb supplement is ideal. Body Fortress Isolate Protein Powder builds lean muscle.

Isolate Protein Powder

Body Fortress is a protein-based nutrition and fitness brand providing athletes and bodybuilders with pure quality and taste.

Product Line

– Super Advanced Whey Protein – Super Advanced Isolate Protein – The Super Advanced Mass Gainer

Product Description

A whey, soy, and milk isolate supplement with low fat and carbs. In one double serving, you get 60 g of protein.

Key Features

- 60g of protein per serving of two scoops of 280 calories - 2g Fat & 4g Carbs - Egg & gluten-free - 12g BCAAs - 5 g betapower Betaine Anhydrous

 Nutritional Value

- Serving Size-2 Level Scoops (38g each) - Cholesterol: 30mg - Sodium-340mg - Calcium-480mg - Iron-2 mg - Potassium-220 mg


– Zero aspartame or Gluten – Inexpensive – Contains whey isolate, soy isolate and milk isolate – Delivers a sustained-release of amino acid


– Has more calories and cholesterol – Contains soy – Mixability and taste not liked by many.

Thick Brush Stroke


You get both lean and big muscles with it. It also helps in post-workout recovery and muscle repair after an intense workout session at the gym.

Thick Brush Stroke