The mechanism by which our body uses energy to carry out the chemical reactions necessary to sustain life is known as metabolism.


Boost Metabolism after 40

How to Increase Metabolism?

Boosting your metabolism will help you lose weight and gain muscle. Protein and mineral-rich foods are all metabolism booster foods.


How to Boost Metabolism?

- Boost your physical activity - Reduce tension - Drink lots of water. - Skip processed foods. - Limit Alcohol - Never skip meals.


EAT – Exercise Activity Thermogenes

Exercise alone cannot maintain a healthy metabolism over the long term unless BMR, TEF, and NEAT are in the right ranges.


NEAT – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesi

When you are not sleeping or exercising, you should be doing something called NEAT. Many things rely on these hours.


How to Calculate BMR?

BMR can be calculated using the Harris-Benedict equation. The BMR measures how many calories are burned by your body each day.


How Working Out Harder Boosts Metabolism?

Although aerobic exercise doesn't produce huge muscles, it helps speed up metabolism after exercise. Pushing is the key.



Avoid crash diets, which include consuming less than 1,200 (or 1,800) calories per day, if you wish to boost your metabolism.


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