On cheat days, dieters are allow themselves to eat whatever they want. You allow yourself cheat meals on certain days.

8 Cheat Meal Principles to Lose Weight Slowly

What are Cheat meals?

Those who eat cheat meals are cheating themselves. When trying to lose weight or increase muscle, we crave delicious food.

Do cheat meals harm diets?

Sunday binge eating to make up for lost hunger during the week is not a healthy cheat meal.

Cheat meal or day?

If you can't control yourself, cheat days can hinder your weight reduction, so have a cheat meal instead.

How to Stop food cravings?

Get extra protein. Fullness will reduce cravings. Try to eat slowly, at least.

How to break weight-loss plateau?

A scheduled cheat meal or day might shock your body into weight loss mode.

How should I cheat?

Homemade cuisine is always cleaner, healthier, and less processed than restaurant food. Inexpensive, if not time-saving.

Best cheat meal?

Stick to planned cheat meals if you're on a calorie deficit diet to know what you're doing.

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