Best Combinations of Vegetables with Protein

Best Combinations of Vegetables with Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient which is required to build and repair tissues. Apart from animal food some plants also contain high quality protein.

What is Complete Protein?

Our body requires 22 amino acids, of which 13 are generated by human body naturally. So the diet that can generate rest of the  9 essential amino acids is a complete protein diet.

Complete Vegetarian Protein

– Legumes with nuts or seed – Legumes and grain – Lentils and almond – Bean soup and cracker – Black beans and rice

 Foods with 9 Essential Amino Acids

Eggs, fish, meat, poultry, and dairy contribute animal based protein. Soy such as soy milk or tofu contributes by having all 9 essential amino acids.

 Plant-Based Complete Proteins

These consists of: – Hemp – Soy – Quinoa – Amaranth – Buckwheat – Chia Seed – Tempeh

Rice and Beans

Rice is low in Lysine. But rice and Beans together contribute a complete protein to the body.

 Pita and Hummus

Pita is low in lysine. Pita and Hummus when combined together contribute all nine essential amino acids to the body.

Are Dal and Rice a Complete Protein

Lentils and legumes are high in lysine while rice is low. So combining 80% rice and 20% dal can contribute complete protein to the  body.

Fruit having highest protein

Guava has the highest protein with an excellent source of vitamin C, A, and folate. It is cholesterol and sodium free with high fibre and low fat.


Eating enough protein is much needed to build and repair muscle tissue. There is a wide selection of plant or animal-based foods that incorporates a complete protein diet.

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