Protein Per Day: Do I need any more?

Protein Per Day: Do I need any more?

For a healthy adult, the recommended protein intake should be around at least 0.8 grams per 2.2 pounds of body weight.

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Amount of Protein in Common Food

Chicken Breast 26g Sardines Fish - 14.8g Turkey- 14.8g Egg - 6g 1 Slice Meat - 14g 1 Cup Brown Rice - 5g

Signs of eating too much protein

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– Dehydration – Constipation – Nausea – Indigestion – Sudden exhaustion – Diarrhea – Intestinal comfort

Can you gain muscle without protein?

Protein is highly essential for our overall body. After all, our muscles are made of protein.

Protein Aid in Weight Loss

Protein helps replace carbs and fat and aids hunger control  and weight loss.

Calculating Protein Requirement by Weight

You need to divide your weight in pounds by 20 and multiply it by 7. Your body needs more than 7 grams of protein per 20 pounds.


Daily Protein Requirement Chart

Healthy Adult - 0.8g Pregnant- 1.1-1.3g Athletes- 1.2-1.4g Weight Loss - 1.7g Gain Weight- 1.5-2.2g Muscle Building - 1.8-2.9g But not without consulting your Doctor

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Studies have shown protein-rich diet helps to maintain fullness after a meal, controls unwanted food cravings, aids in weight loss.