UnSit Treadmill Construction

The strong frame of the UnSit walking treadmill is built to sustain hours of slow walking.

Unsit Motor Works Forever

The 2.75 HP motor is silent, and the self-cooling motor is optimised for limitless hours of walking at a slow pace.

Speed of the Unsit

If you're walking while working at a desk, 2 miles per hour is the maximum speed you can manage.

Easy to Move Unsit

The Unsit is a heavy walking treadmill with a strengthened frame. With two front wheels, it's easy to elevate and roll under the desk.

The UnSit console includes a speed dial but no readouts, is easily accessible, and is compact. To check the readings, utilise the smartphone app.

Unsit Console & Display Unique

An Unusual Unsit Belt

The UnSit walking belt is 30 inches wide and 40 long. Provides  more room to maneuver about the desk.

Safe Unsit at Work & Home

Two crucial safety features. It turns off when you step off. It needs a 70-pound person to start.

Highlights of Unsit

In order to deliver your walking statistics to the app, the UnSit employs Bluetooth. Data may be linked with FitBit & MyHealth.

Image Credits - Amazon