UnSit Treadmill Construction

The UnSit walking treadmill's sturdy construction makes it ideal for leisurely strolls that last for several hours.

Unsit Motor Works Forever

The 2.75 HP motor is whisper quiet, and its self-cooling design makes it ideal for long periods of slow walking.

Speed of the Unsit

Walking at a pace of 2 miles per hour, you can cover a long distance and accomplish a lot while working simultaneously at a desk all day.

Easy to Move Unsit

The Unsit is a sturdy walking treadmill that weighs a lot. It's simple to lift and roll under a desk because of the two front wheels.

The UnSit console has a speed dial but no other displays; it is small and simple to use. Use the companion app on your smart device to view the data.

Unsit Console & Display Unique

An Unusual Unsit Belt

Walking belts from UnSit are 30 inches broad and 40 inches in length. Gives you additional space to move about your workstation.

Safe Unsit at Work & Home

Two vital preventative measures. When you leave the room, it powers down. A human of 70 pounds is required to activate it.

Highlights of Unsit

The UnSit makes use of Bluetooth to transmit your step data to the mobile application. FitBit and MyHealth data could be merged.

Image Credits - Amazon