Lactose Free Protein for Weight Loss

It is good to have lactose free protein drinks but not as meal replacements. That is not sustainable.

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Useful but not as Meal Substitutes

To maintain muscle mass, one must reduce meal calories and increase protein intake while increasing exercises.

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What is a protein shake diet?

The protein shake diet falls into low-carb diets and is often used when rapid weight loss is desired.

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Lactose Free Protein Shakes

1–3 g carbs 25-35 g protein + carbs & protein from fruits, milk, etc. This shake's calorie count may be customized as per needs.

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Benefits of Protein Shake Diet

Quick and simple to prepare. Mix in a mixer for a minute & Done. Numerous flavors available. Includes vitamins and micronutrients too.

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65% of the population has lactose intolerance

Whey isolate powders are high in protein and low in lactose. Hydrolysates are the finest pre-digested lactose free protein powder.

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Can dairy-free protein build muscle?

Vegans have various options. Soybean & pea protein lack whey's amino acid profile but when paired together work as well as whey.

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Benefits of Plant Protein

Brown Rice - Aids weight Loss Pea - Rich in BCAAs Hemp - Natural source  of vitamins and minerals Soy - Lowers cholesterol levels and triglycerides

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Benefits of Plant Protein

Reduced global environmental impact. They use less water, land, and power, and food processing is less expensive.

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Benefits of Plant Protein

Except for soy, most plant powders are easily digestible and don't interfere with intestinal absorption.

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The number of products available is intimidating to newbies, especially when seeking assistance. Fortunately, there's a product for every case.

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