Life Fitness F3 Folding Treadmill

Life Fitness F3 Folding Treadmill

The Life Fitness option that costs the least and takes up the least amount of room.

If you're searching for a treadmill that takes up a little less room when in use, the F3 might be the answer because the running area is only 55 by 20 inches.

Running Area

This machine has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, which is more than average and makes it an excellent purchase for heavy users.

Weight Capacity

This treadmill boasts a motor that is quiet enough to let your family get an additional hour of sleep while you hit those early morning workouts.

Max Speed and Incline Range

The F3 Folding Treadmill is equipped with all the same cutting-edge technologies that have made treadmills by Life Fitness the industry standard.

Folding Treadmill

Cup holders, tablet holder, phone holder, and water bottle holder. Besides, there's a lot of room for data on this system.

Water Bottle, Cup Holders and Phone Holders

- Easy to Transport and Store - Reasonably Priced - Made of High-Quality Materials - Display - Wide Speed Range - Maintaining Conscious Awareness of Your Own Heart Rate

Essential Features 

The Life Fitness F3 foldable treadmill is the one that comes the closest to being perfect among the options available at this price point.


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