Matrix T7xe Treadmill  Review

Matrix T7xe Treadmill  Review

The Matrix T7xe is one of the company’s finest treadmills, offering up a great running experience for commercial settings, such as, fitness centres and hotels.

Matrix T7xe Design Element

- Touch-Screen - Supreme deck system - Display consoles -  Handles have easy-to-use controls for speed   - Monitoring Heart-rate


Components come in colour-coded bags with clear labels with a complete list to ensure you have everything you need.

Safety Keys

It has built-in safety safeguards to prevent accidents. A safety key is included in the Matrix T7xe to do this. .

Features of the Matrix T7xe Treadmill

- 15-inch touch screen panel with Fit Touch Technology  - Clear Television Technology   - Drive system with a 5.0 hp dynamic response   - Bigger and better screen

4 Level Programs

The Matrix T7xe has four major training programs and an option to take a fitness test. “Manual,” “Level Based,” “Fat Burn,” and “Heart Rate Controlled” are the four options available.

Different Programs for Workout

- Programs to burn fat  - Programs regulating your heart rate  - The slope of the treadmill will automatically change to match your desired heart rate. 


The Matrix T7xe Treadmill is a high-end treadmill for serious runners and fitness enthusiasts. One of the most appealing things is the Vista Clear Television Technology.

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