Your body may not properly break down food if you have a slow metabolism, which can result in weight gain.


Metabolism Slow Down

How to Increase Metabolism?

The best way to raise your metabolism is through regular exercise. After exercise, hormone levels such as growth hormone and testosterone rise.


How Inherited Genes Slow Down Metabolism?

Food serves as fuel for the body's metabolism. Your slow metabolism while you sleep is probably due to your parents.


How Slimming Down Slow Down Metabolism?

Given the person's new body size, the metabolism often slows down much more than predicted, after weight loss.


How Low-Calorie Intake Slow Down Metabolism?

Metabolism is slowed by insufficient calorie intake. When you significantly cut your calorie intake, your body lowers your metabolism.


How Lack of Protein Slows Down Metabolism?

Lack of protein will lead to high-carb or high-fat diets, which will have a reduced thermic effect and slow down metabolism.


How Lack of Quality Sleep Slow Down Metabolism?

A slowed metabolism and an increased risk of weight gain have both been associated with insufficient sleep.


Some Medicines Slow Down Metabolism

Numerous antipsychotics and antidepressants used to treat schizophrenia are included in this group.


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