NordicTrack Commercial VR21

Take a minute to look into all the features and benefits of NordicTrack’s VR21!

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The NordicTrack VR21 recumbent bike is the ideal bike for anyone looking for low-impact training on a comfortable, recumbent bike. 

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The VR21 frame is solid, stable on level floors. Steel support bars with protective plastic molding cover the drive belt and flywheel.

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The saddle design of the VR21 is novel. Maximum comfort is ensured with a broad, cushioned base that prevents saddle pain from riding.

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Bright white digital numerals are set against a black background on the 5″ LCD screen. Using the console controllers, navigating the screen is simple.

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Protective cover on drive belt and flywheel. Digital resistance ensures near-silent operation, allowing use anytime without disturbance.

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Overall, the NordicTrack VR21 is a terrific purchase if you’re searching for a tone of exercise variation and the ability to access instructor-led programs through iFIT.

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