Offers a sleek design and a large, clear display—a fantastic walker for home or office use.


The RHYTHM FUN Treadmill is 2.3 inches thick, weighs 78 pounds, and takes up very little space in your living room or office.


It boasts a quiet 1.5 HP motor for walking and running up to 7.5 mph with no disturbance while watching TV or listening to music.


3.7 mph walking and 7.5 mph running pace on anti-skid, shockproof seven-level elastic running platform, controlled with a remote control. It has no incline.

Speed & Incline

A circular button with LED for speed control and a phone app for distance and calories. Remote to operate, log workouts and create training plans.

Console & Display

Thick Brush Stroke

It is an excellent home treadmill with a compact design, perfect for jogging or walking at home or at work.


Thick Brush Stroke