Sunny Mini Stair Stepper

It offers a compact, effective workout, with adjustable features and a digital display for progress tracking.

Compact Stepper 

Engages leg muscles, raises heart rate. Suitable for users up to 220 lbs, with height adjustability. 

Digital Display 

Tracks progress with count, time, calories, total count, and scan. Monitors both during and after workouts. 

Resistance Bands 

The stepper can be used with or without integrated resistance bands, providing a whole-body workout. 


The machine is described as steady and safe for all users, thanks to a stabilizer ring at the base. 

Dimensions and Weight 

Compact size, measuring 13.5" tall, 16" long, and weighing 14.5 lbs. Portable and easy to store. 


Despite some drawbacks like pedal resistance and durability concerns, the Sunny Mini Stair Stepper provides a convenient, full-body workout option. 

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