Avoid using a treadmill with no slope if you want to keep your knees healthy. It may overwork your patellar tendon and knees.


Treadmill belts come in various speeds. For the great majority of people who regularly exercise a jog or brisk stroll of 4-5mph is sufficient

How fast to walk with a bad knee?

Treadmill jogging is easier on the knees than outside running. The treadmill's surface is softer for added safety.

 Jogging outside or on a treadmill? 

Treadmills and elliptical trainers are beneficial for knee problems. These tools must be appropriately used.

Best fitness equipment for knee problems

Incline walking's reduced internal knee-abduction force may help protect cartilage, relieve pain, and prevent the advancement of medial tibiofemoral osteoarthritis.

Is incline walking good for knees?

No matter if you run on a treadmill or outside, your knees will feel the impact. Treadmill jogging is easier on the knees than other types of running.

Knee pain due to joint stiffness

Running on a hard surface like concrete stresses your knees. Defective surfaces can cause knee injuries. Rubber running tracks have a soft surface and good grip.

Suitable Surface for Running

The treadmill's padding should absorb knee shocks whether running or walking. User-friendly controls and a straightforward interface. It's easy to fold.

Treadmill Buying Guide for bad knees

To reduce knee pain, use a treadmill. Keep the treadmill's slope between 2% and 3% to avoid knee pain. Jogging is good for your knees since it is repetitive.

Final Verdict

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