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Vegetables with High Protein

The vitamins and nutrients our bodies require to function optimally on a consistent basis can be found in plenty in vegetables with high protein content.

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What are Vegetable Protein

Vegetable proteins, also known as plant proteins, are a type of protein that can be found in foods.

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Benefit of Vegetable Protein

- Weight Management - Fewer Calories - Lower BMI - Lower Heart Disease - Control Diabetes - Lower Mortality - Lower Cholesterol Level

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Vegetable Protein Content

- Soybean: 28.62g -Green Peas: 8.6g -Spinach: 5.2g - Snow Peas: 5g - Avocado: 4.6g - Asparagus: 4.3g - Mushroom- 4g

Is Vegetable Protein Healthy

Choosing a vegetable protein can provide you with plenty of proteins, nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber that will help you to improve your overall health condition.

5 Vegetables High in Protein

- Spinach - Green Peas - Avocado - Mushrooms - Potatoes - Kale - Soybean - Snow Peas


Aid in Weight Loss


Plant-based diet, has the potential to reduce body fat with the help of variety of mechanism


Vegetable protein contributes to a host of benefits which includes lower cholesterol, renewed vigor, and good physique.