The WALK-i-TASK is an adjustable desk for your home treadmill that allows you to modify the height of the desk.

WALK-i-TASK: A Highly Versatile Desk for Treadmill

WALK-i-TASK height adjustable desk

Because of its ergonomic design, it enables you to do things while you are standing up, even though you would normally do them while seated.

Product Detail

– Adjustable Height For Your Optimal Comfort – Fits Most Treadmill Brands & Models  – Simple To Attach & Detach From Treadmill

WALK-i-TASK Feature

- Height Adjustable - Tilts To An Angle - Adjust To Fit Different Treadmill Handrail Widths - Ventilation To Help Prevent Devices From Overheating

Product Information

- Material: Aluminum - Weight: 15 lbs - Top Platform Dimensions: 23in x 12in - Design: Patent Pending* You can go through these product information.

Many clients of WALK-i-TASK work from home, and they adore the fact that they no longer have to prioritize their careers above their health.

The steps you can achieve doing things like responding to emails, creating proposals, or participating in video conferences can be life-changing.

If the idea of walking while working makes you nervous, you may take advantage of their free trial period of 21 days to determine.

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