How Can I Eat a Lot of Protein?

How Can I Eat a Lot of Protein?

Protein aids in overall health, muscle building, and weight loss. Eating a lot of protein is vital, but so is eating a balanced diet.

How Can I get enough Protein a Day?

By consuming these: – Dried Fish – Shrimp – Tilapia – Egg White – Tuna – Chicken Breast – Turkey Breast – Halibut

Fruits With More Protein? 

Protein Value/unit in 100gm of these fruits: -Guavas-2.55g -Avocados-2g -Apricoats-1.5g -Kiwifruit-1.1g -Blackberries-1.4g

Protein Rich Foods-Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is a common protein source in a balanced diet which has 0g fibre, 2.7g fat, 128 calories, 0g carbohydrates, 26g protein.

Protein Rich Foods-Sardiness Fish

Fish is high in protein and B12, D, and calcium. They're also low in saturated fat and sugar with 7g fat, 125kcal, 0g carbohydrates, 0g fibre and 14.8g protein.

Protein Rich Foods-Turkey

Turkey is a great protein source. Choosing white meat and removing the skin makes it a healthier option. It has 8 g fat, 23.7 gr protein, 0 carbohydrates, 0 fibre.

Vegetables Rich in Protein :Peas

Pea protein is a high-quality, hypoallergenic, vegan protein. It is high in iron and has been shown to help with weight loss, muscle growth, and heart health.

 Vegetables Rich in Protein :Soyabean

All other legumes lack protein and quality. It lowers breast and prostate cancer risk. It is one of the few sources of necessary fatty acids and heart-healthy fat.

 Vegetables Rich in Protein :Kale

Kale is a superfood. Add kale to a salad, soup, or casserole, or combine it into a green smoothie for a great protein boost.

 Vegetables Rich in Protein :Spinach

So is spinach. Spinach has a greater protein to calorie ratio, however it only offers 3g of protein per 100 grammes.

Vegetables Rich in Protein :Broccoli

You can enhance your protein intake by eating broccoli regularly. Broccoli provides more protein than other veggies.

Foods Burn Belly Fat:

-Dietary fat-free yoghurt helps you lose weight. -Beans are abundant in soluble fibre, which helps reduce belly fat. -Apple cider vinegar speeds up metabolism and  weight loss.


A high-protein diet should be healthy. Too much protein may cause aches. An advise from a doctor is a must in this regard.

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