Best Weight Gainers on The Market

Best Weight Gainers on The Market

The finest weight gainers have a lot of whey protein and carbohydrates, with up to five times the amount of protein.

 Bulkup Supplements

A weight gainer is needed if you can't eat enough. Use supplements combined with proper eating to gain weight.

Mass vs Weight Gainer

- Carbohydrates can be up to three times as high as protein in mass gainers.  - In weight gainers calories can be up to five times higher.

Gain Weight Fast

Though a calorie surplus can help you gain weight, bingeing rarely helps. A daily increase of 300–400 calories along with regular exercise is ideal.

Contains five grams of omega-rich fats, that provide more energy-dense calories.  Made up of 100% whey protein.  Promotes muscle growth and protein synthesis.

Contains creatine, glutamic acid, glutamine, and over 25 minerals. Vitamins to boost immune system, metabolism, and brain functions. Contains 1640 calories with low-fat milk.

Each serving has over 1200 calories, contains 12 grams of natural BCCAs and 25 grammes of EAAs. It's a good source of fibre too.

The product's best feature is the taste. Strawberry, vanilla, rich chocolate, cookies & cream, etc. Vitamins and minerals help nutrition, muscle growth, and recovery.

It makes a calorie-dense smoothie containing muscle-building protein, carbohydrates, creatine monohydrate, and other essential nutrients.

A complete amino acid profile, complete plant-based proteins, and complex carbohydrates are all found in this product.

The ULTIMATE weight gainer with 56 grams of eight necessary proteins. Offers 170 grams of slow-release carbs that aid digestion and minimise bloating.


Mass gainers contain too much sugar. These supplements can upset your stomach. Beginners should consume in appropriate proportion.

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