Cardio has endless benefits  but most importantly, it is good for your heart health.

Why is Cardio Important?

Why is Cardio Important?

– Improve your heart rate – Help reduce risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, etc. – Help burn fat & calories – Improve immunity & the list goes on…

What can Cardio do for you?

Cardio does not cause fat loss, it helps keep the heart healthy. Though fat loss is a secondary function of cardio training.

How to improve your Cardio?

First, you should know:

If you want to lose 1 pound every week, you have to stick to a 2,500 calorie per day.

Nutrition & Cardio go  hand-in-hand

#TribeTip: you should add more protein to your meals

30 minutes of cardio daily, five days a week is enough!

But wait… How much Cardio is too much Cardio?

Cardio is usually a low-intensity training and to keep the intensity for longer, you can try walking, cycling, elliptical, etc.

So, remember, sometimes all you need is a good run for a healthy body & a healthy mind.