Hemp protein powder is made by powdering hemp seeds. Hemp contains all nine essential amino acids, as well as fibre, healthful fats, and minerals.

Hump Protein

It has all the amino acids required to heal muscles, regulate the neurological system and brain function which makes it a great alternative to animal products.


Thick Brush Stroke

The easily digestable hemp protein is rich in amino acids, an easy source of fibre and unsaturated fats, minerals & vitamins.

Rich Food

 - Safeguards the brain.  - Improves heart health  - Prevents CVD and Cancer  - Reduces Inflammation  - Skin Issues Can Be Resolved

Health Benefits

Amino acids, fatty acids, protein, and Edestin are all found naturally in it. 15 grammes of raw organic protein and 6 grammes of fibre, for a total of 21% of daily value.

Nutiva Cold-Pressed

One serving offers 10 gm of raw organic protein and 12 gm of fibre with no trans or saturated fats.

Nutiva Hi-Fiber

It is suitable for grain-free diets such as Paleo, Primal, and others. Non-GMO Project Verified; non-GE raw components are always sourced.

Bob's Red Mill

USDA Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Protein-Unflavored. Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and non-irradiated.

Anthony's Organic Hemp

In comparison to chia or flax, it has greater protein but less carbs. It's finest mixed into a smoothie or used in various meals.

Just Hemp Foods

Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy-Free, B Corp, Renewable energy Add bananas, peanut butter, cacao, and nondairy beverage for a delicious treat.

Manitoba Harvest

A protein powder without added sugar, colors, flavors, or sweeteners is ideal. There is only one ingredient: organic hemp protein powder.

Manitoba Harvest

Thick Brush Stroke