Should you eat protein before or after a workout?

Optimize your workout results with strategic protein consumption. Learn when and how to eat protein before and after exercise for maximum benefits.

Protein post-workout aids muscle repair & growth. Amino acids rebuild after exercise-induced microtears.

While the "anabolic window" suggests consuming protein within 30 to 60 minutes post-workout, recent research suggests that the timing might not be as critical as previously thought. 

Pre-workout: Combine carbs & protein for energy & blood glucose management, preventing muscle breakdown.

Post-workout: Replenish glycogen with carbs, stimulate muscle protein synthesis with high-quality protein.

Protein needs: Aim for 0.4-0.55g/kg body weight four times daily. 10-20g protein post-workout is advised.

Research suggests that spreading protein intake throughout the day, rather than focusing solely on post-workout consumption, may be more beneficial for muscle growth and repair. 

Distribute protein intake throughout the day for better muscle growth. Focus on quality and timing for optimal results. 

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