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StairMaster StepMill SM3: Your Ultimate Total Body Stepper

The most extraordinary infinite staircase available from a reputable brand is the Stairmaster StepMill SM3. This machine will help you get fit and toned because it has an electronically controlled drive and braking system and is comfortable to use. All of the critical numbers are displayed on the backlit console. Your heart rate, time, speed, and steps will all be visible. There are 25 pre-made routines available, ranging from beginner to really fit.

Unique Benefits of StairMaster StepMill SM3

The StairMaster StepMill SM3 with backlit LCD console offers a difficult, secure, and effective cardio workout thanks to its vertical climbing motion, adjustable resistance, variety of workouts, electronic controls, safety features, compact design, heart rate monitoring, durability, and celebrity endorsement by Madonna.

Comparison to Other Machines

The StairMaster StepMill SM3 has a unique vertical ascending motion that engages more muscle areas for a higher-intensity workout than typical cardio equipment like treadmills and ellipticals. Its varied pre-programmed routines and changeable resistance levels offer more adaptability than typical cardio equipment. The StairMaster StepMill SM3 is also suitable for use at home due to its small size and safety features, and it has additional credibility and appeal due to its durability and celebrity sponsorship.

Highlights of StairMaster StepMill SM3

Warranty: Limited 10-year frame, 2-year mechanical, 1-year electronics, 1-year labor

You may feel secure knowing that a 10-year frame, 2-year mechanical, 1-year electronics, and labor warranty cover the Stairmaster Stepmill SM3. Stairmaster’s after-sales service is highly regarded.


  • Footprint: 29″D x 46″W x 73″H
  • User weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Weight: 223 lbs
  • Resistance level: 20
  • Speed range: 26–162 steps per minute


The StairMaster StepMill SM3 is a small stepper with 10 pre-programmed workout modes, including manual, steady, mystery challenge, build, bell-shaped, calorie burner, fat burner, heart rate zone trainer, and heart rate intervals. It was created to bring the quality of a commercial stepper into your home.

The backlit LCD tracks time, watts, calories, heart rate, level, floor/minute, segment time, floors ascended, and exercise profile. Users can also choose to use the pulse grips on the handrails to measure their heart rate, as they are compatible with Polar heart rate monitors.

StairMaster StepMill SM3
StairMaster StepMill SM3

Other noteworthy characteristics include the 275-pound weight capacity, powder-coated steel frame, and automated safety stop sensor. Although this step machine is more compact than those seen in fitness clubs, it is nevertheless somewhat pricey and occupies a significant amount of floor space.

Reviews for the StairMaster StepMill SM3 are incredibly inconsistent. Some people gush over its performance, simplicity of use, and assembly time, which is somewhat lengthy. Some claim it is noisy and breaks down quickly after a few uses.


Design and Footprint

Because it weighs 63 pounds less than the STEPR and has wheels, the StairMaster SM3 StepMill is slightly easier to maneuver. Despite having a larger footprint (46″ L x 29″ W), this machine is still relatively small. Like the STEPR, the SM3 is compatible with spaces with ceilings as low as 8 feet.

StairMaster StepMill SM3
StairMaster StepMill SM3 Design

The SM3’s construction features an injection-molded plastic shroud and a steel frame, but its shape and muted colors give it an outdated appearance. Some people favor the slightly taller steps (6″ vs. 5.2″) of the SM3 over the STEPR since it makes for a more challenging experience regardless of speed.

The SM3’s wheels, lower weight, and comparably short breadth make it easy to maneuver. However, unlike the STEPR, it doesn’t have raise handles, which makes the operation a little more complicated.

Console display

The D-1 Console, which has a backlight for easy reading, is included with the Stepmill 3. You can watch several outputs on the display and navigate through several applications. These comprise height gained, time, speed, and calories burned, among other things.

Moreover, this device uses pulse grips and telemetry heart rate to measure your heart rate. The panel has seven buttons. With a single press, you can alter your exercise regimen with the red “Stop” and green “Quick Start” buttons next to the up and down keys.

This Stairmill offers twenty-five distinct workout options. It combines goal-based exercises with quick-start programs to help you reach your fitness objectives. Enjoy the brand-new “Landmark” challenge as well. At the base of the stairs is a safety stop sensor that, when activated, will cause a mechanism to stop the stairs in their tracks.

Quality and Comfort

The Stepmill’s propulsion and brake systems are electronically controlled. This implies that every user can work comfortably and predictably because the drive chain accurately regulates the speed at which the stairs ascend. Stairmaster has over thirty years of experience in the fitness industry, and this model has completed the CPAT and WFI StepMill® Fitness Tests.

Large, padded handles provide the utmost comfort when operating the equipment, and stoppers at the bottom guarantee that you won’t slip on any surface you exercise on.

Extras and Benefits

With the integrated reading rack on this machine, you may read up on a book or the most recent news. A water bottle holder is also included to keep you hydrated while working out.

The Stairmaster Stepmill 3 is the perfect home exercise equipment for toning your legs and buttocks. Each step burns more calories than a typical floor-based stepper machine. On a regular treadmill, walking at 1 mph is equal to walking at 6 mph on a Stepmill.

One of the most well-known patrons of the Stairmaster brand is the pop superstar Madonna, who has been utilizing their products for many years!


  • Compact
  • Assembly is simple
  • Polar-compatible heart rate monitor
  • Preset programs


  • Quality assurance is questionable
  • Reports of it breaking down quickly
  • Relatively expensive

User Experience

Here is the StairMaster StepMill review by an owner

Andrea Jayne Vogt-Lytal from the United States states: During the pandemic, I missed having access to a stair climber. I love having one in my own home! I’ve read other reviews of people having many issues with their Stepmill not working properly. We’ve had ours for a little under a month, and so far our only issue is that we sometimes have to unplug it and replug it to reset the power.

(I just yesterday started turning it off completely when I’m finished using it, to see if that solves the problem.) I would estimate that between my husband and me, we’ve used the machine about 2-3 hours per week, over the last few weeks. The machine was not easy to assemble, so that requires patience and tenacity. But we are very happy with the machine so far.


An incredible piece of HIIT/cardio equipment, the Stairmaster Stepmill SM3 pushes you a little more complex than a typical treadmill.

You will both get toned and receive a cardio exercise in the HIIT style from this.

With twenty-five distinct exercises, there is a workout that every user may enjoy. Whether they are novices or wish to advance significantly in their fitness level. You can choose from monthly payment plans that enable you to enjoy the benefits immediately.


What does the StairMaster StepMill’s warranty cover?

The frame is covered for life under the warranty; mechanical components are covered for five years; electronics are covered for two years; and labor is covered for one year.

What are the StairMaster StepMill’s dimensions and weight limit?

The StepMill has a footprint of 29 D by 46 W by 73 H and can accommodate people up to 275 pounds.

What are the StepMill’s resistance levels and speed ranges?

The StepMill has a speed range of 26–162 steps per minute and 20 resistance levels.

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