The Sunny SF-T7718 is a lightweight treadmill. It's good for walking and jogging, though can reach 9.0 mph.

The Sunny SF-T7718 is a lightweight treadmill that is delivered preinstalled. It is good for walking and jogging, but it can reach 9.0 mph, which is not exactly jogging.

A low-capacity but heavy treadmill gives confidence that it is robust. The lower deck is even better for getting on and off the treadmill.

Even at high speeds, the motor is barely audible. Bright and clear display for speed, distance, time, steps, calories, and pulse. Set goals and the countdown begins.

9 interval-based preset programs.  Rare in treadmills in this price range. 9 mph speed is adequate for most runners. Options of Increasing speed gradually or steeply.

20-inch-wide track with shock absorbers: safer than most treadmills in the price range. Slip resistant handrails to hold on to in case of loss of confidence. Every 188 miles, a lubrication reminder.

A fold-flat treadmill can be pushed under a bed or stored against a wall. The handgrip heart rate monitor gives a fair idea of pulse. Can calculate BMI as well.

To track your workouts online, connect your phone to the Sunny Health & Fitness App. Charge your phone or tablet and watch movies while you exercise or listen to music on the built-in speakers.

Lubrication is needed every 188 miles. Regular maintenance is needed. There is no available incline.

The structural frame is covered for three years and all other parts and components are covered for 180 days. It is very reasonably priced.

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