The FYC Folding Treadmill

The FYC Folding Treadmill

The JK1608E-1 is an innovative folding treadmill from FYC. For novices, nothing beats the convenience and light weight of this tiny treadmill.

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Console & Display

The front features a clock and a calorie counter. It is unusual for a device in this price range to come with 12 preloaded programs.

Easy to Fold & Move

It is foldable to just 8 inches and portable. Simpler to store beneath a bed or in a room's corner. It has no handlebars or pulse sensors.

Walking Track

The 41.3′′L x 14.9′′ tread belt is suitable for all fitness levels. With less joint and knee strain, it reduces injury risk. Not for the exceedingly tall or fat.

1.5 HP Motor

A low-decibel motor that is suitable for recreational strolling or jogging but not for runners who compete seriously in races.


It does not have a pulse monitor and it does not have handlebars. No elevation. There is no music, fan, Bluetooth, or USB charging, and there is no holder for water bottles.

Thick Brush Stroke


Within this price category, a warranty of two years is extremely unusual. The product is worth buying due to its forward-thinking design and long-lasting microfibre.