The FYC Folding Treadmill JK1608E-1 is a unique fitness machine. This foldable, portable, and compact treadmill is perfect for home use and ideal for beginners.

It comes fully assembled and ready to use. It is one of the best folding-flat treadmills for the money.

There are no high-end monitors on it. A better-monitored fold-flat treadmill may cost a few hundred dollars more, but it is rarely worth it. If used with all precautions and considering the price, it is a good buy that should last for years.

This treadmill’s variable speeds and shock-absorbing tread belt make it ideal for cardio, muscle building, stamina, weight loss, and recovery.

The machine is pre-assembled, ready when it arrives. Just rotating the knob starts it.

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FYC Folding Treadmill JK1608E-1 Construction

The FYC treadmill is delivered wholly constructed. It’s as simple as unpacking it and getting started.

When it comes to dimensions,

The dimensions of the assembled unit are 49.2L x 25.5W x 45.6H inches.

Folded dimensions are 51.1L x 25.5W x 7.9H inches.

The well-designed treadmill is long-lasting, manufactured of microfibre, and available in only one colour: black.

It boasts a long-lasting build, a powerful motor, and an LED console with several different functions.


The quiet 1.5 horsepower motor keeps you and your family comfortable. Likewise, the treadmill’s low-decibel motor runs smoothly and quietly, not disturbing the user or others.

An entry-level treadmill designed for light cardio workouts, its motor is suitable for casual walking or jogging but not for serious runners.

The motor ensures good performance with no jerks or breaks in your workout, making it easy and comfortable for you.

Console & Display

The front LCD panel shows your workout time, the number of calories burned, and the distance covered. It also tells you the running speed and steps taken. The parameters help you set daily goals to progressively increase your targets and achieve your desired fitness levels over a fixed period.

The display panel has 12 preset workout programs. Unfortunately, very few companies have preset programs with treadmills in this price range. Except for this, the monitor is basic, with no Bluetooth.

The + and – keys on the console increase or decrease speed.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

In terms of weight, it weighs 50 pounds and can handle a maximum user weight of 220 pounds.

Pre Set Exercise Programs

The FYC JK1608E-1 has 12 preset workout programs to help users burn more calories. These 12 options make your workout more effective and efficient.

Various workout plans exist, giving you the option to choose the one that best suits your body. Depending on the settings you choose, you will be able to burn more calories.

Long cardio sessions can be monotonous. The workout programs break the monotony of long runs and challenge your capabilities to improve your cardio fitness in the process.

It is an outstanding feature for a beginner treadmill that adds a new dimension to your cardio workout.

Speed & Incline

The FYC JK1608E-1 has a top speed of 6.5 mph. Unfortunately, there’s no incline feature, which, at this price, would have been nice.

If you find yourself unable to match the treadmill’s speed or losing control, there is an emergency clip attached that you can use to stop the workout immediately.

The safety key clip can be attached to your clothes and stops the treadmill safely in an emergency if you drift back or fall off. That is quite effective in avoiding injury.

Running Track

This treadmill’s tread belt measures 41.3″L x 14.9″, allowing users of all fitness levels to exercise comfortably.

Its anti-slip surface reduces the strain on your joints and knees, reducing the risk of injury.

It has excellent shock-absorbing properties to reduce the impact on joints and prevent injuries.

Though the treadmill is not suitable for running, it is mainly not made for running for anyone over 6 feet. Similarly, the track won’t suit anyone more than 190 lbs. So though you will be able to jog, the treadmill’s life span will come down.

Easy to Fold & Move

The FYC JK1608E-1 is foldable and portable, so users can fold it up and store it out of the way after the workout. It’s easy to fold and is just under 8 inches thick, so easier to fit under the bed or stand upright in a room’s corner. So hide it away from your eyes till your next workout session.

So we call it a big city and small apartment treadmill. But due to this reason, there are no handlebars for the pulse sensors.

Heart Rate Monitor

There’s no pulse sensor or chest strap, so you can’t monitor your heart rate while exercising.

Not that pulse sensors are very accurate, but of course, they do give you some idea of your fitness.

Important Features

The machine has a shelf in front for your phone, earphones, keys, etc. So you can hold video conferences, watch workout videos or listen to music.


The current price of the treadmill is $280.


This treadmill has no pulse sensor and no handlebars.

There is no Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port, sound system, fan, or water bottle holder.

A tablet holder is there, but it blocks the console display.

No incline and, of course, no decline.

No heart rate sensors


It has a two-year warranty which is rare in this range.


The innovative design, microfibre durability make this treadmill an excellent candidate to consider while buying a treadmill. Although it lacks various extras, it is worth considering.