Best Treadmills with Long Handles

Long Handrail treadmills are designed as special-purpose treadmills. These are for seniors or those recovering from illness or injury.

Exerpeutic TF1000

The electric walking treadmill is equipped with a high-torque motor and has 400 lbs maximum user capacity.

Exerpeutic 100xl

It’s hard to beat the value and superb safety features of the Exerpeutic 100XL. This treadmill has 8 different levels of magnetic tension.

PhysioMill HCI Fitne

The PhysioMill’s low curved corners and full-frame handles make it wheelchair-accessible. It has an orthopedic belt for joint support. The deck is 6.25” low.

Sunny H&F T7867

The Sunny H&F T7857 is termed a top-rated senior treadmill time and again. Shock absorption and a low deck make it an excellent choice


The treadmill has a high 300 lb user weight capacity, long 49" rails, low step-up height, a 1.5 HP motor & 16" x 50" running belt size.

Vehpro Electric Treadmill

LCD LED-display treadmill for seniors. This treadmill offers a low starting speed of 0.5km/h and three slope settings.

Sunny H&F T1407M

LCD LED-display treadmill for seniors. This treadmill offers a low speed of 0.5km/h and three slope settings.

L7 Rehabilitation Treadmill

With the extra benefit of medical handrails, the Landice L7 Rehab treadmill boasts all the features you expect to see on a professional treadmill.

Endurance T50

For individuals just beginning their fitness journey or those recuperating from ailments, the Endurance T50 is an economical exercise machine.


Though there are a number of treadmills in this category as well, Exerpeutic, Sunny and Xterra are the most popular ones.

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