Best Treadmills with Screen

Treadmills with screens are a great way to do your workout and stay motivated too.

Treadmill Screen Benefits

1. You can watch various company-sponsored programs  2. You can select different training sessions daily. 3. Watch  Netflix.

Cons of Treadmill Screen

1. Create  addiction 2. TV screen is a bit too close for comfort 3. Running can be stressful

NordicTrack X32i

NordicTrack x32i is a treadmill with a large screen. It is a joy to run and stroll on the NordicTrack x32i.

Bowflex T22

The Bowflex Treadmill 22 is a strong piece of equipment you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Proform Pro 9000

The Smart Pro 9000 is one of Proform’s best in-home treadmills. The Pro 9000 treadmill is designed for serious runners and families with multiple trainees.

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series

It is the most expensive treadmill of the lot.  It comes in four finishes and three elegant consoles to suit any decor. It is available in various colors.

FreeMotion 890

With the lower price comes higher quality. FREEMOTION’s 890 is an affordable, long-lasting treadmill.


XTERRA’s 2-ply belt on this model is thicker than the single-ply belts available on many cheap machines. The thicker belt will last longer.

Matrix TF50 XIR Console

The TF50 is Matrix Fitness’ most popular folding treadmill. The TF50 comes with the option of 3 different consoles.


We initially thought of focusing only on the best treadmills with TV screens, but then the selection becomes too small, so we add ed screen treadmills in every price point.