A motorised treadmill that is simple enough for novice users but still has all the bells and whistles advanced trainers require.

UREVO Foldable Treadmill

Work out in peace thanks to the machine's whisper-quiet motor, sturdy steel construction, bright display screen, and sleek control panel.


Maximum 2.5 hp, velocities of 0–7.5 mph Calm and composed, with a dozen different workout routines already pre-set.

A Quiet Motor

Provides feedback about travel duration, pace, and calorie burn. Easy-to-use buttons sit beneath the display screens, and there's a nook for mobile devices.

Console & Display

Twelve 30-minute pre-set programmes with varying speeds are designed to simulate outdoor training and improve performance.

Preset Programs

In order to fold the console's arms and make it flat enough to fit under a bed, simply unscrew the four knobs. The use of soft-drop technology makes folding easier.

Easy to move?

Treadmills have a safety key that may be removed from the console to turn it off in the event of an accident. Protect your knees and other joints with an impact vest.


Arm folding is a daily chore that requires some effort. Tablets won't fit into the narrow slot. not compatible with any app There are no Bluetooth speakers.



The warranty period is the industry norm at 12 months, while the best warranties in this category last for 3 years.