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From an Unhealthy Person to The Best Version of My Self?

My name is Anil K. Kapoor, and my healthy grown-up family includes a wife, two daughters, and one dog. I am a runner, dancer, entrepreneur, blogger, and foodie. I love running in the rain. To cap it all, I am a Yogi.

I was a backbencher, a very naughty and shy young boy. In the fourth grade, I ate all my birthday sweets while sitting in class as I was too shy to announce my birthday. As a result, I had to take seven days of sick leave from school.

We used to do our workouts very religiously, as that gave us more time out of the classroom while in high school. I had adopted all my bad habits in school by the time I was fifteen years old. I rather liked drinking, smoking, drugs, parties, and late nights, day in and day out. That gave the impression that we were older men. My favorite one-liners were

  • Forget the past, be in the present, and the future will take care of itself.
  • Keep your cake and eat it too.

The Healthy Transformation

At the age of 35, I was neither an entrepreneur nor a blogger. But, fortunately, I have always liked being active and adapting to change quickly. So one day, I abruptly stopped drinking and smoking.

My journey toward good health started after I turned 35, and that is when I started my yoga and later my running. 

I started with pranayama and kapalbhati, and three months later, I started doing yoga as well. In 2014, I started running and became very interested in getting in shape, so, started HIIT and strength training. My biggest plus point has always been consistency. 

To date, whether before my running, HIIT, or strength training, whatever the plan for the day, I first do my pranayama and end the day’s workout with yoga.

Later, I did my management courses at the XLRI, Jamshedpur, and the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. 

I had various interactions with scholars from the Bihar School of Yoga and Patanjali and coaching by renowned coaches for my running.

Now it is difficult for my old friends to accept that I am the same person. However, today, more than two decades later, I can say I am the best version of myself and improving.

Inspire a Million People to Positive Health

Now I feel the need for a healthy family and friends as well. The thought of a healthy family is more appealing than a single active individual. So I am concentrating on developing My Active Tribe now.  

The mission is to have a million individuals, and their families in My Active Tribe who can say their top priority in life is good health for the family.


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