NordicTrack S22i 

NordicTrack, established in 1974, pioneers home gym equipment. The S22i, a tech-savvy bike, upholds their reputation with innovation and quality. 

Cutting-edge Technology 

Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle boasts a 22-inch rotating touchscreen for seamless workout transitions and virtual trainer control.

Automatic Terrain Simulation 

The bike adjusts incline and decline levels up to 20% and down to 10%, replicating outdoor conditions for immersive workouts.

Customizable Workouts 

With 24 digital resistance levels and detailed workout statistics, users can tailor their exercise routines to their fitness goals. 

Comfort and Support 

Accommodating riders from 4’10” to 6’10”, the bike offers adjustable seating for enhanced comfort during workouts, although seat preference may vary.

Included Accessories 

Nordictrack S22i comes with three-pound dumbbells, allowing for upper body training alongside cycling sessions. 


NordicTrack's S22i redefines home fitness with innovation and quality, marking a milestone in personalized workout experiences. 

Peloton has significantly benefited from the increasing number of people looking for at-home workout choices. 

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