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Peloton Bike+ Review: Ignite Your Home Fitness Journey

Peloton has significantly benefited from the increasing number of people looking for at-home workout choices. The company had a 172% increase in overall revenue in its fourth quarter and now has 3.6 million members in its community.

Many individuals these days use the Peloton App, possess a Peloton bike or treadmill, or are at least thinking about getting one. When Peloton’s newest model, the Bike+, came out in September, I wasn’t sure if I should bite the bullet and get one.

I seized the chance to try the Bike+ whenever it presented itself. Despite having a ton of exercise equipment in my apartment—such as kettlebells, resistance bands, SKLZ slidez, and dumbbells—my jogging regimen has been awful, negatively impacting my cardio. I needed a complete overhaul of my exercise regimen.

Highlights of Peloton Bike+

Warranty: Manufacturer: 12-months


  • Peloton Bike+ Dimensions: 59″ x 22″ x 59″
  • Item Weight: 140 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 297 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 22 Inches
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 100


During the height of Peloton’s success, in September 2020, the Peloton Bike+—an improved version of the original bike—was introduced. With a few more features, the bike is identical to the original one, from the handlebars to the pedals.

Peloton Bike+ vs Bike

The Bike+ has an improved audio system, a 23.8-inch rotating screen (the OG model has a 21.5-inch tilting screen), and an auto-follow feature that automatically modifies resistance by your Peloton trainer’s instructions. The Bike Plus also features a digital resistance calibration feature for a smoother ride.

Peloton Bike+ 24” HD Rotating Touchscreen
Peloton Bike+ 24” HD Rotating Touchscreen

The best way to receive the whole Peloton experience is to get an all-access membership to the Peloton app, just like with the original Peloton. The live courses and on-demand workouts are among the finest on any smart home gym equipment. 

The Peloton Bike+’s revolving screen is beneficial for following off-bike activities like boot camp and finishing cycling courses with stretches. Peloton uses aluminum pedals compatible with the Delta system and requires studs or cycling shoes. Replace the pedals with ones that are compatible with sports footwear.


Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

Our experts also recommend looking for a bike with adjustable handlebars and a seat; the Bike+ comes close to meeting this recommendation.

Peloton Bike+ Seat and Handlebar
Peloton Bike+ Seat and Handlebar

I still wish the handlebars could be moved forwards and backward, even though it was pretty easy to set the Bike+ to my exact specifications thanks to easy-to-use adjustable knobs for the handlebar heights, seat (even with the weights in the conveniently located holder on the saddle), and quick release tabs for the seat.

I miss having that extra configurable option as I’m used to bikes with this capability, especially since I have a small torso but long legs. The extra handlebar adjustment would seem like a game changer, bringing me closer to the handlebars. Though adjusting the handlebars when the screen is already placed can be challenging, I got the bike to a comfortable enough level.

Automatic Resistance 

We’ve used the Echelon Smart Connect EX-3 bike’s automated resistance adjustment, and we liked it. This Peloton Bike+ feature comes on during on-demand courses when a trainer permits you to change the resistance. But instead of needing you to turn the resistance knob, your bike adjusts the difficulty automatically (you can turn this feature off if you’d prefer to regulate the resistance manually).

Handlebar style

Our experts advise you to consider your intended use for a stationary bike and ensure the handlebar design meets your requirements. For instance, if you plan to use it for traditional studio-style sessions, you should choose a different sort of indoor cycling bike than someone who wants to use it as an indoor road cycle substitute.

Peloton Bike+ Handlebar
Peloton Bike+ Handlebar

If you remove the dropped bars—the curled portion on the bottom underneath—the handlebars on the cycle+ resemble those of a road cycle. Even as my hands became sweaty throughout the class, they still had an excellent grip. I tended to do a lot of climbing-focused lessons, and I discovered that these handlebars were strong enough to support my weight when I was leaning more aggressively on them and getting up straight out of the saddle.


The Peloton Bike+’s revolving screen helps follow off-bike workouts like boot camp and finishing cycling courses with stretches.

Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want to use the Bike+ with a heart rate monitor? That’s not an issue. If your bike is ANT+ compatible, this one will show yours in real time. Additionally, you can add one to your cart and pay an additional $49 for the Bike+ if you don’t already have one.

This also applies to Bluetooth speakers and headphones. A list of compatible wireless headphones is available. I tried connecting my headphones at home—the Beats Powerbeats 3 and the Apple AirPods—and they both functioned perfectly. In the end, though, I decided to use some old-fashioned plug-in headphones I had lying around the home for riding. You get the idea.


Despite producing excellent bikes, Peloton is best recognized for its live and recorded classes. Thousands of people have canceled their gym subscriptions after discovering that the classes allow them to work out at home equally, if not better.

You can access thousands of classes and activities on the Peloton app, including cycling (obviously), boot camp, strength and conditioning, yoga, Pilates, and more, for $44 per month with an all-access membership.

For $12.99 a month, you may enjoy Peloton lessons through the app without a Peloton bike. 

Water Holder

If you require a lot of water or are taking many classes back-to-back, the Bike+ has two water bottle holders that mount on the front post of the frame. I experimented with various bottles in the holder and accommodated a few distinct reusable and store-bought bottles (such as Smart Water, Poland Springs, Yeti, Well, etc.). My Bike+ is next to a window, so I could merely set it on my window sill if I needed or desired to use a giant bottle.


  • A more engaging exercise experience is achieved using front-facing speakers.
  • The auto-follow feature, which you can disable if you’d like, automatically modifies resistance based on the trainer’s recommendations.
  • You can effortlessly track off-bike workouts with a rotating screen.
  • 100 resistance levels that are micro-adjustable.


  • Compatible only with cleats made for Delta riding
  • Repairs might be challenging at times.
  • Most features require a monthly subscription to be accessed.

User Experience

Here is the Peloton Bike+ review by an owner

Rob Schroeder from the United States states: Great bike at a great deal. I started renting one through Peloton last month, and you can buy it out whenever you want. But this was too good of a deal to pass up (on Prime Day in Oct) and cheaper than the buyout, so I cancelled the rental through Peloton and bought this here.

Here’s the kicker! Read the delivery options carefully. It says free assembly is available, but only one of the 3 options is the assembly. I wanted it in my entryway, so I selected the option that says “entryway”, but that is delivery only. So now I’m assembling it myself.

Other reviews mention this too, and one review says to select the last option, which is what I did, but that is incorrect. If you want assembly, select the only one that says “Professional Assembly”.


Cardio gear called the Peloton Bike+ raises the bar for at-home training. This bike could be a worthwhile purchase for those who can afford it because it gives users access to various workouts and virtual landscapes. Because users can quickly link their Apple Watch to communicate stats, the Peloton Bike+ also makes it simple to remain on track with your fitness objectives. 

Consumers can monitor cycling sessions instantaneously by tapping their Apple Watch against the Bike+ screen. It is the best exercise bike with a large screen. These features make it easy to analyze exercise statistics if you enjoy doing so.


Is Purchasing The Peloton Bike+ Worth It?

Purchasing the Peloton Bike+ is worthwhile due to its many fantastic features, which include a rotating screen that facilitates tracking off-bike workouts, auto-follow resistance change, and front-facing speakers.

The Peloton Bike+ Was Introduced When?

In September 2020, the Peloton Bike+ was made available.

Are Workouts on Pelotons Worth It?

There isn’t a workout app on the market today with the same production value as Peloton, and we think its instructors are among the most inspiring in the business.

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