Treadmill Mistakes

11 Stupid Treadmill Mistakes You Make that Hurt Performance

The treadmill is a well-known fitness equipment that can help people accomplish their fitness goals. It is handy equipment to work out in the dark, cold, or rainy season. 

When you look at the treadmill at first sight, it looks very simple to work out, but some bad habits can sabotage overall performance. That means a few common treadmill mistakes can lead to injury. 

So, if you want to avoid those mistakes while running on the treadmill, this post is for you. The tips below will help you walk and perform on the treadmill smoothly and burn maximum calories.

11 Avoidable Treadmill Mistakes

1. Not following treadmill safety rules

Safety is paramount when utilizing machinery. The number one and most common mistake individuals make is getting on the treadmill when it is at full speed. For most people, this tip is unnecessary, but you will be surprised to know that people get injured when they get on the moving belt.

So, for the best result, ensure to follow the below steps every time you use the treadmill: –

  • First, stand with one foot on each side of the treadmill.
  • Next, clip the safety stop cord on your body to help you if you stumble by chance.
  • Learn the emergency stop switch.
  • Now start the treadmill at low speed.
  • After that, observe the speed and then get on it.
  • Increase the speed slowly. 

2. Prioritizing entertainment over workout

Nowadays, almost every treadmill on the market is equipped with advanced features, especially entertainment while working out. Some of the best features of treadmills include Bluetooth connectivity, a tablet holder, television, music, and many more. 

But people put more value on having fun than working out, a common mistake that hurts overall performance. 

3. Pay attention to warm-up

Before jumping onto the treadmill to exercise, don’t skip warming up. It prepares the body for exercise by gradually increasing the heart rate and blood circulation. This step boosts the human body’s blood flow to the muscles and loosens the joints

Treadmill Workout Warmup

Thus, stretching muscles during warm-up prevent injuries. So, for the best result, do simple walking and slow jogging to warm up the body.

4. People look at the feet

Most people have a habit of looking at their feet, which is the wrong exercise method and causes a loss of balance. It also strains the back of body parts like the neck and misaligns the body, which causes the hips to poke out behind you. 

This step eventually stresses the hips, spine, knees, etc. So, the best method to exercise on the treadmill is to gaze straight ahead while keeping the shoulders and chest open. 

5. Wearing the wrong shoes

Select function before style if you are serious about your exercise and must quickly achieve your goal. That means people can buy shoes to exercise on the treadmill but look for shoes with extra padding in the soles, as they will protect your heels and foot bones.

Also, ensure not to wear those shoes while dancing or doing cardio-type exercises, as high-soled running shoes can increase the risk of turning over an ankle. 

6. Avoid using a different stride on the treadmill.

Subconsciously, you might be lengthening your stride to cover more ground or shortening it to burn more energy. But this step will quickly burn through your optimum energy, and you can only work out briefly. 

Moreover, unnatural strides can also increase the risk of injury. So, for the best result, ensure that you walk or run with the same stride as you do outside. 

7. Dragging the feet on a treadmill

After doing some exercise, most people get tired, especially beginners. In this case, don’t drag your feet on the treadmill; instead, take some rest. The reason is that dragging feet will ruin the belt and increase the chances of falling.

Moreover, this step will also hurt your posture and your performance. However, the best way to walk on the treadmill is to put your heels on first, followed by the rest of your foot. 

8. Stop Stomping

This makes the force of each step considerably more than it should be, which is bad for your feet and legs. To reduce the impact of your landings, focus on landing on your midfoot or forefoot. Understanding your own foot strike pattern is a great concept because everyone has a somewhat distinct one.

9. Sticking to the same workout every day

It is true that doing the same thing repeatedly makes the body and mind comfortable. This is also true concerning workouts, but over time, the same workout will burn a few calories as the body gets used to it and muscles become more efficient. 

To achieve your fitness goal, change at least one aspect of your workout regime every four weeks. According to Olson, routine changes will prevent muscle and joint strain from the repetitive stress of repeatedly pulling and pushing the muscles at the same angle. 

10. Going with the same speed

This is another mistake on the treadmill, which most people make while working out on the treadmill. No doubt exercising at the same speed will make the exercise routine boring and will not offer the desired result what you are expecting.

So, the best way to get what you want is to run on a treadmill at a slower speed at first and then gradually speed up. It will increase your stamina and help you burn more calories.

11. Not using arms for a proper workout.

Can’t walk on the treadmill without holding on? What are you doing with your arms if you are not holding the treadmill handrails? Health experts say arms are the key to a great walking workout. That means if you are doing proper arm motion, you can go faster and quickly burn more calories. 

Using Arms for Treadmill Workout

Using arms will also correct several shoulder and neck issues that are developing as you are sitting in front of the TV or computer. 

The bottom line

These are some common treadmill mistakes you should avoid while exercising on a treadmill. So, set your fitness goals before starting to work out on the treadmill, and ensure that you avoid the above mistakes; otherwise, all your hard work will go in vain. 

Remember to avoid the following mistakes: Good Luck!

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