Echelon STRIDE-6

Echelon STRIDE-6 Treadmill Power: Run Smarter, Not Harder

With the Echelon STRIDE-6 Treadmill’s alluring waterfall open-front design, you can start an immersive running experience. The LED display console, compatible with the Echelon Fit® App and Bluetooth® Audio, allows you to train with top-notch instructors while safely holding various smart devices.

Highlights of Echelon STRIDE-6

Warranty: Motor & Crank Arms – 5 Years, All Equipment – 1 year.

  • DC 2.5 Brushless Motor
  • Auto-fold
  • 12.5 incline levels
  • No assembly required
  • Cushioned running deck
  • 300-lb user weight capacity
  • Foldable: Yes
  • 2 Pulse Heart Rate Sensors
  • USB-A Ports for Charging Smart Devices
Echelon STRIDE-6
Echelon STRIDE-6


Remarkably small and easy to store, the Echelon STRIDE-6 treadmill offers a high-quality workout at a low cost. Because it folds down to just 10 inches thick and can be stored under a bed or propped up against a wall when not in use, this is a very appealing alternative for people with limited room. 

Nevertheless, it has a sizable 60″x 20.5″ running area, a peak speed of 12.4 mph, and a 12.5% adjustable inclination. We didn’t feel that it restricted us in the slightest, even if it seemed less substantial and padded than our best-rated versions. 

It lacks a touchscreen, but it can connect to your mobile to interact with the Echelon app, and it is quick and simple to begin a manual or program exercise. With all the diversity you need, Echelon offers thousands of studio-style workouts for on-demand and many live courses daily.

Key Features


The Echelon STRIDE-6 has a top-notch LED display console installed. You can easily track your workout metrics, perform guided programs, or entertain yourself while working out with this console, which is designed to hold smart devices like a phone or tablet safely.

Echelon STRIDE-6 Console
Echelon STRIDE-6 Console

A built-in holder on the treadmill is only for your telephone or tablet. Because of this capability, your devices will remain securely set up, simplifying you to practice applications, entertainment, and other materials that further develop your fitness routine.


The Echelon STRIDE-6 has an open, influenced running deck that is 60 inches long and 20.5 inches wide. This offers a lot of space for protection and is open to running or walking, and the effect of impact-absorbing technology lessens the pressure for a more enjoyable exercise. You might change the tendency level of your exercise to meet your fitness targets, going from easy slopes to steep slopes.

Echelon STRIDE-6 Foldable Frame
Echelon STRIDE-6 Foldable Frame


The handlebar of the Echelon STRIDE-6 was made with creativity in mind. You can easily change the speed and inclination levels during your training thanks to the fast-change wheels. This useful technique makes it simple for users to modify their training level quickly. Furthermore, the treadmill has a maximum speed of 12.4 miles per hour, offering adaptability for a scope of activity, tastes, and powers.

Easy Storage

Regarding simplicity of capacity, the Stride-6 is exceptional due to Echelon STRIDE-6’s progressive auto-overlap capability. Because it can be folded vertically and horizontally, the treadmill is small and easy to store anywhere. Transport wheels further develop portability by making it more straightforward to move the treadmill.

Echelon STRIDE-6 Foldable Frame
Echelon STRIDE-6 Foldable Frame


Bluetooth lets you pair your wireless music equipment with the Echelon STRIDE-6, such as speakers or headphones. With no more wires to tangle, you can easily enjoy your favorite music or exercises with guidance. The treadmill also works with the Echelon fitness software, which adds interactive features and monitoring capabilities to your workout.


  • Small size and automated folding mechanism
  • Simple to assemble and operate
  • Provides lessons for walking and running for all skill levels.
  • Includes leaderboards and live courses.
  • Videos for treadmill training are included with membership.


  • The absence of an integrated screen to view lectures
  • Not able to independently regulate trainer and music volume
  • Additional fees apply for class membership.
  • Short Warranty

User Experience

Here are a few Echelon Stride-6 reviews on Amazon by owners

M. Heuton from the United States states:  I did a lot of research on treadmills before choosing this one. I did not want one of the screens with fancy programs but a sturdy treadmill. I love the screen on this, as it has just the info I need. The tablet holder works great for my laptop, and if you want to use their app for workouts, I’m sure it would be great with a tablet. The phone and cup holder work well. Another reason I chose this one was so I could fold it up if needed, it is easy to do and I like how narrow it is when folded.

It is quiet except for the loud beep when you turn it on. The treadmill seems sturdy and is easy to get going on. There are preset programs, but I am just doing things manually. Changing the speed and incline with the buttons on the handle is very easy. The delivery and setup were a breeze. The very nice delivery folks brought it into our room – with getting the inside delivery. There was no setup; I just had to get it out of the box. I’m very glad I chose this one; it was exactly what I wanted, and I’ve used it every day since I got it.


The Echelon Stride 6 has zero setup, auto-fold technology, and all the features you would expect from a heavy-duty treadmill. It is the most compact treadmill despite a 60-inch long running belt.


Ques: Is Echelon Stride 6 good for running? 

Ans) This unit will work well for shorter runners because of its lower deck area, but taller runners with longer strides may find it too tiny.

Ques: Can you use Echelon Stride 6 without a subscription?

Ans) Choose the monthly subscription and cancel at the end of the month if you’re not interested in the live or on-demand lessons. When used alone, the Stride is an excellent treadmill.

Ques: How fast is the Echelon Stride 6?

Ans) Echelon Stride 6 can reach speeds of up to 12.4 miles per hour

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