Sperax Treadmill

Sperax Treadmill: Transform Your Under-Desk Space – Feel Fit

Imagine owning a treadmill that complements your busy life and requires less room in your house. That can now happen with the Sperax Treadmill. This treadmill reduces the effect on your feet and joints with its dual shock absorption technology, which enhances the comfort of your workout.

The high-definition display tracks Your workout success, which provides information about your time, speed, distance, step count, and calorie burn. With a speed range of 0.5 to 4 mph, this 2-in-1 treadmill and stepper is appropriate for consumers of all fitness levels.

Highlights of the Sperax Treadmill

Warranty: No warranty

  • Maximum Horsepower: 2.5 Horsepower
  • Maximum Incline Percentage: 12
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 320 Pounds
  • Maximum Speed: 4 Miles per Hour
  • Product Dimensions: 48.6″D x 21.6″W x 5.7″H
  • Assembly Required: No
Sperax Treadmill


The Sperax Under desk treadmill comes in a compact box, and it’s quite lightweight. The best part is that it comes fully assembled. There’s no need to put anything together. Inside the box, you’ll find the Sperax Walking Pad treadmill instructions, a remote control, a screwdriver in case the belt needs fixing, and a small bottle of oil for lubrication. The design is simple yet functional.

Sperax Walking Pad
Sperax Walking Pad

A screen displays real-time information like speed, distance, time, and calories. The Sperax Walking Pad is equipped with front wheels to facilitate effortless transport. Adjustable supports can be raised as necessary, providing added versatility.

The running belt is made of a non-slip, safe, and shock-absorbing material. Before starting, I applied some lubricant as recommended in the instructions, which suggested doing so every 300 km. Now let’s dive into the product features. 

Key features 

Powerful Motor 

The Sperax walking pad boasts a powerful 2.5-horsepower quiet motor that can handle up to 320 lb of weight. It’s impressively quiet, so it won’t disturb others, making it perfect for home and office use. 

Sperax Walking Pad Motor
Sperax Walking Pad Motor


The durable steel frame and multilayer shield design of the Sperax Walking Pad reduce noise and provide stability, making your running experience quieter and safer.


The remote control and multipurpose LED display make it simple to keep track of your progress. Without manually flipping the display on and off while working out, you can easily monitor your pace, distance traveled, duration, and the number of calories expended in real-time. You may adjust or stop the machine’s speed with a single button click on the remote control.

Sperax Walking Pad Display
Sperax Walking Pad Display


The remote control makes adjusting the moving speed convenient and can stop instantly. It offers a speed range from 0.5 to 4 meters per hour, so you can choose the pace that suits your physical condition and workout goals. 


It is easy to move and store under your sofa in a corner or under your bed, saving valuable space in your home.


Any treadmill must be comfortable, and the Sperax Under-Desk Treadmill does just that. The shock-absorbing and non-slip design ensures a safer and more comfortable running or walking experience. You won’t have to worry about slipping or feeling unstable while using this treadmill. It measures almost 40 inches long and 16.5 inches wide, giving ample space for comfortable walking or running. 


With six distinct incline modes and a maximum incline angle of 12°, the walking pad’s remote control allows you to customize the necessary slope for training, resulting in a more intense and demanding workout.

Sperax Walking Pad Incline
Sperax Walking Pad Incline


  • 2-in-1 Design: Using this treadmill is not simply for fast exercises. It may be tucked under your desk for a little walking while you work or used in some fast running.
  • King Comfort: The wider, non-slip belt guarantees a safe and pleasant run or walk.
  • The multipurpose LED display and remote control allow you to monitor speed, distance, time, and calories in real time.
  • Strong Motor: Capable of supporting up to 320 pounds and reaching speeds of up to 4mph, the 2.5 horsepower motor is powerful.
  • No Assembly Needed: This treadmill is ready to use and fully assembled straight out of the box. Furthermore, its compact size makes it ideal for office, flat, or home usage.


  • Operating Noise: According to some users, the treadmill has been known to make some noise during its operation. If you intend to utilize it at home or in a shared workspace, you might want to consider it.
  • Restricted Running Space: Compared to standard treadmills, the running space on an under-desk treadmill is inherently smaller.
  • Basic Features: Although it does the job, the Sperax Under-Desk Treadmill does not have all of the sophisticated features seen in more expensive versions.

User experience 

Here are a few reviews of Sperax Walking Pad owners

Michelle P. Simms from the United States states: This is exactly what I needed, and I should have bought it earlier. I had a Costco treadmill, but it took up too much space. I got rid of it within a year. This walking pad is awesome and easy to maneuver, I love the remote control feature, the machine is quiet, it’s very cost-effective, and it’s perfect for me and my lifestyle! When I have to do computer work, which is daily, I hook my laptop to the big screen TV monitor and start walking.

My brain works so much better when moving than sitting still all day. Also, I don’t have to crank up the volume on the big screen because the walking pad is quiet. We just had a huge snowstorm, and I got a lot of walking in because the walking pad is so darn convenient. I feel great and am happy I invested in the walking pad.

Heather from the United States states: I love it! I enjoy being able to walk while watching TV. The walking pad is easy to use right out of the box. It is very sturdy and compact. The walking pad is also quiet and great if you live in an apartment or condo. I also like pushing it under my bed when not using it. I am happy I finally decided to buy it after being in my cart for a few months.

Space-saving and Assembly-Free Design

Put away the hours it will take to assemble your new treadmill. You may save time and hassle with the Sperax Under-Desk Treadmill since it comes completely constructed and ready to use straight out of the box. It is also ideal for any house, flat, or business layout because of its space-saving design. When your workout is over, fold it up and take a simple step away.

In the realm of exercise equipment, the Sperax Under-Desk Treadmill is revolutionary thanks to its cutting-edge features and excellent performance. With this adaptable and handy treadmill, bid adieu to inactive workdays and welcome to an active lifestyle.

Tricks & Advice For The Best Outcomes

Here are some pointers and strategies for getting the most out of your Sperax treadmill and making the most of your experience:

  • As your level of fitness increases, start slowly and progressively increase the speed and intensity.
  • Your workouts can benefit from interval training if you alternate between faster and slower paces.
  • Use the remote control to transition quickly between the running and walking modes.
  • Carry a water bottle with you during your workout to stay hydrated.
  • Stretching and taking pauses might help avoid fatigue and stiffness in the muscles.


The Sperax walking pad is a practical and reliable under-desk treadmill. It’s easy to set up and offers a quiet and stable running experience. Whether you want to stay active while working or need a convenient exercise option at home, this treadmill is suitable.


Are tall users able to utilize the Sperax Walking Pad?

Yes, individuals of different heights can utilize the Sperax Walking Pad.

Is it possible to change the pace when using the treadmill?

It is possible to change the speed range from 0.5 to 4 mph.

Does installing the treadmill come with a cost?

No, the Sperax Walking Pad is fully built and is ready to use right out of the box.

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