28 Days Wall Pilates Challenge

28 day wall pilates challenge: Transform Your Body

Pilates has long been touted as a means of improving the strength and beauty of your body. Until recently, though, mastering more advanced mat techniques needed access to expensive studios or equipment. Thank goodness, wall Pilates is making a difference. Participate in the 28 day wall Pilates challenge to improve your strength, flexibility, and general fitness with wall-specific Pilates exercises.

Although I was not a huge fan of Pilates, I heard some talk about wall Pilates from my friends who are personal trainers. I thought trying out the Fit Pilates 28-day wall Pilates program would be a good idea, which I discovered through prominent YouTuber Rachel. After four weeks against the wall, these are the observations I made.

If you are entirely new to Pilates, attending a live class with an experienced instructor might be a good idea before attempting the routines yourself. As with any workout, maintaining proper form is the key to gaining the full benefits of Pilates.

What is Wall Pilates?

Pilates is a set of exercises created by trainer Joseph Pilates during World War II to strengthen and extend general flexibility, build core stability, and foster a connection between the mind and body. The most complex motions involve equipment such as the Reformer, Wunda Chair, High Chair, and Ladder Barrels, but most basic exercises are done on the floor.

28 day wall pilates challenge
28 day wall pilates challenge pdf

In wall pilates, numerous well-known Pilates exercises are performed against a blank wall, which can extend the range of motion and challenge the exercises. Pilates enthusiasts may safely and effectively increase the intensity of their workouts with just a plain wall—all without breaking the bank on pricey reformers or studio memberships.

What is the 28 day wall pilates challenge?

The 28-day wall Pilates Plan by Rachel Fit Pilates consists of exercises lasting 10 to 30 minutes. Every workout focuses on the upper body, whole body, abs, and glutes. Days 7, 14, 21, and 28 are set aside for recuperation, but if customers would like, Rachel allows them to do their preferred workouts once more.

28 day wall pilates challenge
28 day wall pilates challenge

Throughout the 4-week course, most routines are performed at least once, including using optional equipment (dumbbells, ankle weights, a pilates ball, and a loop band). I completed this 28-day wall pilates challenge, which is the outcome.

I set up my mat, cleared a space on my living room wall, and hit a record for 28 days of wall Pilates because I was eager to try something new. This is what I discovered.

It proved to be far more complex than I had anticipated.

I have to admit, I’ve never really thought Pilates was that hard. After a few boring mat sessions and a reformer class, I slept through. I had written Pilates off as something I could do in an emergency or as a backup exercise. I chuckled and said, “Yeah, sure it is,” when Rachel said, “Wall Pilates is harder than you think,” to begin the first day’s workout.

I was humbled when the first glutes and abs lesson reached five minutes. My legs were trembling, my core was utterly exhausted, and my glutes were burning. My body felt the effects the next day, and I was astounded at how much energy it took to maintain proper form and range.

Since I usually lift heavy and perform a few repetitions, all of this endurance training was difficult (and very needed). As the 28 day wall pilates challenge went on, the workouts became easier, but they were never easy. The upper body days were the only workouts I didn’t find to be at least a little unpleasant, and even those weren’t exactly “easy.”

A few of the movements hurt my neck

Pilates incorporates a lot of core work, which is excellent for strengthening and stabilizing abdominal muscles. However, I discovered that my neck quickly became tight because many exercises included spinal flexion, which involves lying on your back with your head and shoulders raised off the ground.

During some more strenuous ab exercises, Rachel uses verbal instructions like “look forward” and “don’t crunch the neck in.” This is generally useful to keep the core muscles properly active to support the weight of your head and shoulders. Regretfully, though, using these cues did not make my neck strain disappear. It became a little challenging when I had to adjust most of the exercises so that I could only place one hand behind my head while both arms were meant to be reaching, circling, or pulsing.

My Back Pain Reduced

My spine specialist advised me to investigate Pilates as a potential treatment for the pain and stiffness I was experiencing after determining that I had degenerative discs in my lower back. I nodded, plotting my morning running route and silently dismissing his suggestion.

28 day wall pilates challenge
28 day wall pilates challenge

I am formally apologizing to my doctor today. My back discomfort significantly improved after the 28 day wall pilates challenge, much more so than medication, heating pads, or ice packs ever could. My lower back felt better than it had in years. I’m unsure if that was because of all the focused core work, the days for complete body stretching, or a mix of the two. By the conclusion of the four weeks, I was pain-free and limber when I woke up every morning.

During other athletic pursuits, it improved my performance

I added mild resistance training or cardio to my daily wall Pilates sessions, which average an hour and a half. On my days off, I would finish my regular hard-lifting regimen. 

By week three, I could feel that the days I was lifting more weight were getting easier than at first. Even my runs felt less strenuous and more comfortable. This carried over into the last week, and it was sufficient to persuade me that wall Pilates should be a regular part of my routine.

The decision? I appreciate that Rachel’s 28 day wall pilates challenge is reasonably priced, provides a few adaptations for individuals who require them, and is organized into shorter video segments that are simple to fit into a hectic schedule. Even though some of the moves seemed a little weird and the core exercises frequently hurt my neck, I will return to wall Pilates more regularly.


Thus, You have witnessed the unique fusion of strength, flexibility, and balance that regular pilates practice provides. Your Pilates practice has become more profound with each stretch, pose, and wall-based exercise, and it has also given you a fresh perspective on what your body is capable of.


Is the 28 day wall pilates challenge free?

The exercises can be found on the “The Girl With the Pilates Mat” YouTube channel for free; make sure you have subscribed to the channel.

Where’s the 28 day wall Pilates challenge chart available?

On “The Girl With the Pilates Mat” YouTube channel, you may find the 28-day wall Pilates challenge chart, complete with thorough instructions and examples. Make sure you subscribe to see the entire program.

Is There Any Truth To The 28-Day Wall Pilates Challenge?

We can confidently state that the 28-Day Wall Pilates Challenge is effective. This challenge combines a range of Pilates exercises, especially for the wall, to enhance strength, flexibility, and general fitness.

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