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ProForm Pro HIIT H14: Offering Versatile Workouts For Diverse Users

Within their range of elliptical trainers, ProForm’s premium model is the ProForm Pro HIIT H14. We are amazed by the stride that efficiently targets your posterior muscles by moving both, horizontally and vertically, like an elliptical and a stair stepper. With a monthly subscription, the 14″ touch screen streams iFIT to keep you occupied while you work out.

The oversized pedals, several grasp grips, and 325-lb weight capacity make this a noteworthy pick for most users. In addition, it is mobile and relatively small compared to other elliptical machines. In the following review, I’ll review every detail of the ProForm Pro HIIT H14.

Unique Benefits of ProForm Pro HIIT H14

With its innovative combination of elliptical and stair stepper motions, the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 efficiently targets posterior muscles. Its big pedals, 325 lb weight capacity, and small size accommodate various users. It has iFIT connectivity, 26 resistance levels, and a 14″ touchscreen for adaptable, engaging, almost silent workouts.

Comparison to Other Machines

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 distinguishes itself from other elliptical machines with its hybrid design combines stair stepper and elliptical movements. Its oversized pedals, 325 lbs weight capacity, and small size make it suitable for many users. It provides adaptable and engaging workouts with a 14″ touchscreen, iFIT connectivity, and 26 resistance levels. Its robust construction and silent operation set it apart from competitors despite the complicated assembling required.

Highlights of ProForm Pro HIIT H14

Warranty: 10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year labor

ProForm offers the Pro HIIT H14 with a good warranty package. It is covered by three warranties: one year for labor, two for parts, and a ten-year warranty for the frame. It is best assembled by two persons working together.


  • Footprint: 66″ L x 29″ W x 52″ H
  • Weight capacity: 325 lbs
  • Stride: 10” vertical and 5” horizontal
  • Adjustable resistance: 26 levels
  • Flywheel: 30 lbs


The ProForm HIIT H14 hybrid trainer creates a high-intensity, full-body exercise using an elliptical walking path and powerful upper-body punching movements.

It has dual Bluetooth speakers, a cooling fan, front transport wheels, water bottle storage, oversized cushioned pedals, and multipurpose handlebars that target different upper body muscles. With its smooth and silent trainer, the H14 offers many training options and intensities thanks to its 30-pound flywheel and 26 resistance settings.

ProForm Pro HIIT H14
ProForm Pro HIIT H14

In light of this, the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 offers a free 30-day family membership. It is compatible with iFIT, enabling users to have an immersive training experience on its 14-inch swiveling HD touchscreen.

Access to thousands of exercises conducted by elite trainers is available with a membership. After the first thirty days, iFIT requires a paid subscription to be used. However, there are more than 50 pre-programmed workouts that range in length and difficulty if you decide not to renew your membership. WiFi is necessary for the H14 to run these apps.

The H14 is small, only 52 inches high, 66 inches deep, and 29 inches broad. Individuals who live in small spaces might find its modest footprint appealing. Despite its small size, its maximum user weight capability is 325 pounds. It sounds like assembly is complex, so enlist assistance if you can.



Two lengthy steel stabilizers attached to the Pro HIIT H14’s bottom help maintain its stability. Each stabilizer has movable leveling feet underneath it to prevent rocking. You may also move the Pro HIIT H14 by holding each stabilizer at the back with both hands. The Pro HIIT H14 may be wheeled to the desired location by pushing or pulling the rear stabilizer section after it has been raised.


Because the pedals are large and cushioned, they fit almost any user’s size and go well with any sports shoe. Most users can place their feet on them in various ways because they are 15″ long. They are big and textured to prevent slipping on my feet, which is nice.

The Pro HIIT H14’s stride elevates it to a more hybrid machine. Your feet move 5″ horizontally and 10″ vertically when you pedal. The stride lengths of typical ellipticals range from 15″ to more than 20″ in a horizontal direction. The NordicTrack FS14i boasts a bigger 32″ adjustable stride length, while the Sole E95 ellipticals are only 20″ to 22″.

Unlike these models, the Pro HIIT H14’s stride isn’t adjustable and doesn’t extend as far laterally. Instead, it resembles the Sole Cardio Climber, whose pedals travel 12″ up and down. I can feel the Pro-HIIT H14 working the backside of my legs similarly to a stair-stepper or climber like the one from Sole, even if it does have some forward momentum to the stride.

The Pro HIIT H14 allows you to cycle backward to target the front sides of your legs further and exercise your posterior leg muscles. Because the pedals are connected to drive belts, they operate quietly.


The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 machine has a touchscreen if that’s what you want. The device’s 14-inch HD touchscreen can be turned to see programming from the other side of the screen. However, the interactive programming offered by iFIT is the show’s true star.

When you buy the H14, ProForm will give you a complimentary 30-day iFIT family subscription. You will receive strength training, jogging, and yoga classes on demand. After the trial period, if you decide to enjoy the programming and want to continue, you can pay $180 for an individual subscription or $396 for a family membership with five profiles.

Benefit from additional practical features such as twin speakers, a cooling fan, Bluetooth connectivity, and a water bottle holder in addition to the touch screen.


The grips on this machine travel horizontally, unlike the Sole Cardio Climber, which moves exclusively vertically. I have to admit that this makes the machine feel the most like an elliptical. The Pro HIIT H14 has two sets of handles. The inner handles are for those who like to work only their lower body; they are immobile. You can work your upper body by moving the outer grips with the pedals.

ProForm Pro HIIT H14
ProForm Pro HIIT H14 Handles

These handles offer many grip options to suit a broad range of heights. Using various grips can help you target different muscles. I wish the NordicTrack FS14i offered more alternatives similar to these handles because I prefer options.

Even though the handles’ tops are covered in a smooth plastic coating, their steel construction gives them a solid feel. However, neither handle appears to become slick with repeated usage.


The ProForm Pro HIIT H14’s front flywheel drive design contributes to its smaller size than other machines. The Pro HIIT H14 uses its front flywheel to provide resistance, much like the Bowflex Max Trainer M6, which is similar in design and operation. However, the resistance in the BowFlex comes from a servo motor rather than a flywheel.

This is made possible by the Pro HIIT H14’s 30 lb flywheel. This increases the machine’s stability and contributes to the stride’s smooth, even, and steady sensation. Among the machines we compared with flywheels, this one has the heaviest flywheel.


26 magnetic resistance levels may be adjusted with the ProForm Pro HIIT H14. This contributes significantly to the Pro HIIT H14’s silent operation. It is essentially mute. Resistance eliminates the need for friction, which can produce noise and need more upkeep. While pedaling, the magnetic resistance swiftly and seamlessly changes.

The range of tension it offers is more than enough to make my muscles burn and cause me to perspire. All of our reviewers considered the maximum level of 26 difficult, and it should provide enough challenge for the majority of users.


  • 14-inch touchscreen compatible with iFIT software
  • Screen swivels; 325 lbs of human weight capacity
  • 30 lbs of flywheel force
  • 26 resistance levels
  • Silent apparatus


  • Intricate technique of assembly
  • The handlebars have an odd form.
  • Lacks a shelf for media or devices

User Experience

ikeymay from the United States states: Okay, we mostly love it. It wasn’t too bad to put together, and it seems solid. It kicks my butt right now, which is what I need. LOL! But the weird thing is… THERE IS NO POWER BUTTON! I searched all over this thing for how to turn it off. Then I looked at the owner’s manual and found “Leaving the screen on can lead to premature failure.

To turn it off, unplug it…” Unplug it to turn it off? Y’all couldn’t have put a power button on it? Seriously? This feels like an engineer error that didn’t get corrected. It’s literall the ONLY piece of electronic equipment I own that doesn’t have an On/Off switch. Do better, y’all.


One of our top elliptical machines is the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 due to its sturdy build, iFit compatibility, and good performance. I get a good workout on it, even though the stride feels like a cross between an elliptical and a stair stepper. The stride goes 10″ vertically and 5″ horizontally; thus, your posterior muscles will be heavily worked. Because the handles and pedals move in unison, offering a full-body, low-impact workout.

Its oversized pedals, multi-grip handles, and 325-weight capacity suit a broad spectrum of users. The 26 levels of magnetic resistance that may be adjusted will be challenging for most users and provide adequate strain to pedal against. Additionally, it operates almost silently, making it suitable for most homes.

The dynamic and entertaining iFIT lessons are enhanced by the 14″ touch screen. Additionally, you can do more with iFIT than just HIIT Trainer or elliptical courses. The Pro-HIIT H14 lets you do everything from jogging, walking, hiking, and even ice-skating courses. We believe that this machine’s screen and iFIT are pretty valuable.

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is a piece of equipment that works similarly to an elliptical but requires much less room if that’s what you’re seeking.


Does ProForm HIIT Machine Operate in the Absence of IFIT?

The ProForm HIIT machine can be used without iFIT. When you turn on the machine, you will have the choice to turn off iFIT. If you don’t want to utilize iFIT, there are less expensive options without screens.

What Is The ProForm HIIT Trainer’s Weight?

ProForm withheld the weight of the most recent HIIT H14 machine for an unknown reason. Still, QVC claims that the trainer weighs 215 pounds.

Can You Perform HIIT Workouts With The ProForm H14?

As advertised, the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is suitable for HIIT (and raising your heart rate). Utilize the 26 resistance levels to add some more oomph to your training.

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