In n Out Protein Style

In N Out Protein Style: Savor the Flavor, Shrink the Calories

Savor the mouthwatering treats from In-N-Out’s protein-style menu. For customers concerned about their health, In-N-Out’s protein-style burger calories are much less than those of others. Thanks to their emphasis on using fresh ingredients and customizable options, these offer a satisfying substitute.

Choose the classic 4×4 or 3×3 protein-style burgers wrapped in crisp hand-leafed lettuce instead of traditional buns to satisfy your appetite without gaining too many calories. The same quality and flavor that have made In-N-Out a beloved burger among foodies are evident in these delicious creations. Discover the ideal fusion of taste and nutrition with In-N-Out’s protein-style menu.

Keto/Low-carb In n Out Protein Style Burgers

In n Out Protein Style

For those on a low-carb diet, it’s much more manageable. Besides, In n Out protein style’s calories are much less than those with a bun. The burgers are all that matter to us. Which are the best? Let’s find out.

The In n out protein style 4×4 (No Bun) 

Includes your choice of onions, four small beef patties, four pieces of American cheese, two tomato slices, hand-leafed lettuce, and their proprietary spread (such as Thousand Island dressing with relish). Although it’s not on their menu, this is on their hidden menu.

The “Quad Quad Protein Style” burger is another name for it. I asked for this on a bed of lettuce rather than completely wrapped in lettuce, along with “no bun.” Whoa! You eat your first In n out protein style low carb burger. 

  • Cost: $6.30
  • Macros: 63 grams of protein, 8 net carbohydrates, and 900 calories.

I adore the amount of cheese that is on this burger. That’s what makes it unique.

You can eliminate most carbohydrates by removing the tomatoes and the spread from the In n out protein style burgers.

The In n out protein style 3×3 burger (No Bun)

Another hidden menu item is the 3×3 Protein Style Burger (No Bun). This low-carb In-N-Out protein style option includes three tiny beef patties, three slices of American cheese, two tomato slices, hand-leafed lettuce, spread, and your choice of onions. It is similar to the 4×4 but with one fewer patty and cheese slices. It is not lettuce-wrapped, but “no bun” is how I requested it. Another name for this is the Triple Burger.

  • Cost: $5.10
  • Macros: 48g protein, 8g net carbohydrates, and 710 calories.

In n out protein style double double (Lettuce Wrapped)

When you order a “Protein Style” burger at In-N-Out, a lettuce wrap will be served in place of the bread. Two tiny beef patties, two slices of American cheese, two tomato slices, spread, and your choice of onions are included with the Double Double.

  • Cost: $3.90
  • Macros: 33g protein, 8g net carbohydrates, and 520 calories.

This comes in third place on my list because, while I want my bunless burgers to be served on top of lettuce rather than inside, I like that In-N-Out offers a traditional lettuce wrap option.

In n out protein style cheeseburger (wrapped in lettuce)

This single-patty cheeseburger is tiny enough to be a fixture in my low-carb diet, but I might get it if I need a quick snack instead of dinner. Includes two tomato slices, a tiny beef patty, a piece of American cheese, a spread, and your choice of onions.

In n out protein style
In n out burger with a bun
  • Cost: $2.70 
  • Macros: 18g protein, 8g net carbohydrates, and 330 calories.

“Animal Style” Hamburger (No Bun)

Here’s another order from the secret menu. The restaurant manager explained that In N Out Burgers’ “animal style” entails frying the burger in mustard and then topping it with pickles, additional spread, and fried onions. I don’t know why they call it “animal style,” but this was a tasty take on a classic burger. My favorite part was the grilled onions on top. The grilled onions and additional spread add around 3g net carbs, which is the only issue.

  • Cost: $2.40
  • Estimated Macros: 14g protein, 11g net carbs, and 260 calories.
In-N-Out Burger Fries
In-N-Out Burger Fries

Options Specific to Diet

The restaurant has a reputation for honoring patrons’ particular dietary demands and provides a selection of dishes that are low in fat, sodium, carbohydrates, FODMAPs, diabetes-friendly, vegetarian, and vegan.


In-N-Out offers a selection of items free of gluten and wheat. It does not, however, specify that any of its dishes are gluten-free. In other words, even though a particular item might not include gluten ingredients, there is always a chance of cross-contamination if it is made close to a dish that does (like a bun).

Wheat or wheat gluten is not present in the following foods:

  • In n out protein style hamburger
  • In n out protein style cheeseburger
  • French fries
  • In n out protein style double-double, 3×3, or 4×4 
  • Shakes (all flavors)

Additionally, the restaurant states that the hot chocolate is free of wheat. However, it hasn’t been specifically checked for wheat gluten. If you are on a gluten-free diet, ask the personnel at the restaurant you frequent about any potential cross-contamination.


In-N-Out Burger was among the first fast-food chains to offer protein-type burgers to cater to customers who follow a low-carb eating plan. The other menu items—shakes and French fries—contain significant sugar or starch.

The best options for clients who are low-carb are as follows:

  • In n out protein style cheeseburger
  • Yellow chili peppers (available upon request at many locations)
  • In n out protein style hamburger
  • In n out protein style double-double, 3×3, or 4×4


In-N-Out Burger offers various options for those following the low-FODMAP diet, as beef, cheese, and potatoes are generally considered compliant. You might want to omit the onions, though. Additionally, dairy is typically not well tolerated by folks following this diet plan, so you might want to pass on the shakes.

  • All burgers (protein or ordinary) devoid of cheese and onions
  • French fries
  • Tea (unsweetened or with added sugar)
  • Coffee


In-N-Out offers a variety of low-carb selections, so there are various options for individuals aiming to keep their blood sugar levels within normal ranges. Though they have less carbohydrates and more protein, these foods aren’t always suggested for a diabetic diet.

  • In n out protein style hamburger
  • In n out protein style cheeseburger  
  • Yellow chili peppers (available upon request at many locations)
  • In n out protein style double-double, 3×3, or 4×4


Making lunch at In-N-Out could be more difficult for people watching their fat consumption. However, you can place bespoke food orders for items not on the main menu. While not consistently low in fat, some alternatives have less fat than other menu items.

Remember that you can order any burger “cut-in-half” to split with a buddy or take a portion of your meal.

  • In n out protein style hamburger
  • “Wish” burger, also known as the veggie burger.

Though you can order a bun loaded with veggies (tomato, grilled onions, lettuce, and cheese, if you’d like), In-N-Out Burger does not offer a veggie patty. By removing the beef patty, you lose 10 grams of fat (but also 13 grams of protein).


Unexpectedly, at 250 milligrams, French fries are among the meals on the In-N-Out menu with the least amount of sodium. There is at least 370 mg of sodium per burger, and many have at least 700 milligrams. But once more, In-N-Out is renowned for its personalized orders, so you can ask to have your hamburger patty prepared without adding extra salt.

Items To Steer Clear Of

In case you’re unfamiliar with low-carb eating, none of the In-N-Out shakes, fries, or buns are acceptable.

In-N-Out Burger Shakes
In-N-Out Burger Shakes

I’d also avoid the ketchup while eating a Low Carb In-N-Out Protein Style burger. Although the precise macros are not disclosed, rough calculations indicate that each serving contains roughly 4 grams of net carbohydrates. This implies that you could add 4g net carbs to your In-N-Out burger each time you add ketchup.

Root beer floats are delicious but should be avoided. Additionally, you should reserve grilled cheese and cheese fries for your occasional cheat day.


Various alternatives are available at In-N-Out Burger to accommodate different dietary requirements and tastes. Protein-style burgers, like the 4×4 or 3×3 without the bun, offer a filling meal with comparatively little net carbs for anyone following a low-carb or ketogenic diet. But it’s crucial to be aware of extra toppings and condiments that could increase the amount of calories or carbohydrates.

Furthermore, protein-style burgers, shakes, and fries are good options for individuals looking for gluten-free options, albeit there may be a risk of cross-contamination. All things considered, In-N-Out Burger can satisfy a range of dietary needs while maintaining the traditional burger and fries experience thanks to its customized menu and fresh ingredients.


What are the calories in In-N-Out’s protein-style burger?

Depending on the exact protein-style burger you choose, the calories may change. For instance, a 4×4 protein-style burger has about 900 calories, but a 3×3 burger has about 710 calories.

What are the nutrition facts for In-N-Out’s protein-style burger?

Depending on the size and toppings, In-N-Out’s protein-style burgers usually have a high protein content and moderate to high calorie counts. Because there is no bun, they have fewer carbs than traditional burgers.

What is an In-N-Out protein-style hamburger?

A protein-style hamburger from In-N-Out is one that is served without a bun and is instead wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce. With beef patties, cheese, tomato slices, onions, and spread, it offers a low-carb choice for people following particular diet plans.

How many calories are in In-N-Out’s protein-style hamburger?

Depending on the size and particular ingredients, an In-N-Out protein-style hamburger may have different calories. However, depending on the number of patties and cheese slices, they typically have between 500 and 900 calories.

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