Best Recumbent Bikes Under 500

7 Best Recumbent Bikes Under 500: Budget-Friendly Fitness

You must engage in a low-impact aerobic routine and burn extra calories for long-term outcomes. You may conduct a variety of stationary workouts on a recumbent bike.

We can assist you in finding the finest recumbent bike under 500 dollars that will enable you to work every muscle in your body if you are on a tight budget. Using it may aid in your personal transformation journey by increasing muscular strength, building endurance, boosting stamina, and improving blood circulation to your heart.

These are also the best recumbent bikes for seniors under $500.

Comparison- Best Recumbent Bikes Under 500

Best Recumbent BikesDimensions
L” x W” x H”
Max User Weight
Schwinn 230 (MY20)64 x 27.7 x 49.980 300579
Sunny H&F SF-RB42003264.5 x 26.4 x 49.677.4 265 362
Circuit Fitness AMZ-587R55 x 25 x 48.586300310
Niceday 50 x 23 x 4599400499
HARISON HR-B1230 x 20 x 755350399
HARISON HR-B851 x 21 x 6177400499
MERACH S1948.03 x 23.62 x 46.46 85330219
Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $500

Schwinn Fitness Recumbent Bike 230

Warranty: Frame: 10 Years, Electronics: 1 Year, Parts: 2 Years, Labor: 90 Days


  • Product Dimension: 64″D x 27.7″W x 49.9″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 78 Inches
  • Minimum Height: 54 Inches
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 16
Schwinn 230 (MY20) Recumbent Bikes Under 500
Schwinn 230 (MY20)

Schwinn Fitness’s recumbent bike series has close to 9,839 ratings, averaging 4.4 stars out of 5.

This is a lightweight bike that is loaded with benefits. Designed to integrate with well-known cycling applications, such as Zwift (which requires a separate membership). The 5.5″ LCD provides 13 exercise routines. There are sixteen magnetic resistance settings, offering a variety of training intensities.

Thanks to improved Bluetooth connectivity, users may establish, track, and analyze progress with well-known app-based monitoring tools. Learn about more than 100 international routes that adapt to your pace automatically in real-time (Explore the World membership required)

When using a heart rate program, telemetry heart rate allowed and ergonomically positioned grip heart rate provide for a comfortable riding posture. Cool, comfortable workouts with a big, ventilated back and a contoured seat. strapped-on weighted pedals. A perimeter-balanced flywheel with fast speed and high inertia provides a silent and seamless exercise.


  • A seat with ventilation that keeps you cool during intense exercise
  • Simple to customize to fit individuals of all heights
  • Lightweight—weighing just 80 pounds
  • Excellent bargain for $500 or less (shipping included)


  • Often sells out; it could be available on Amazon
  • Largely composed of plastic
  • There is no backlighting on the console.

Bottom line

With 16 magnetic resistance levels and many built-in features, the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is a wonderful deal. All for $500, too.

Sunny H&F SF-RB420032

Warranty: Frame: 3 Years, Parts and Components: 180 Days


  • Product Dimension: 64.5″D x 26.4″W x 49.6″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 265 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 77.4 Pounds
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 8

Sunny H&F SF-RB420032 Recumbent Bike has close to 3,919 ratings, averaging 4.4 stars out of 5.

Partner with Sunny Health & Fitness to advance your fitness journey. To find over a thousand exercise videos that suit your objectives and schedule, download the SunnyFit app. The SunnyFit APP lets you interact with professional trainers to receive individualized training plans, real-time tracking, and assistance.

With this cutting-edge tool, you may maximize your potential by monitoring analytics, looking through maps, and getting the best outcomes. Share your workout experiences, check out the leaderboard, and much more.

The roomy, padded, and conveniently adjustable seat keeps users comfortable throughout every workout. Use the non-slip handlebar and textured footplates to help you avoid realigning your feet and grip continuously.

With eight smooth and changeable magnetic resistance levels, it’s simple to change the intensity and create the ideal training challenge.

Simultaneously, use the non-slip pedals with straps that can be adjusted and the movable grips to work different muscle areas in your upper and lower body. Use the foot pedals or grips separately to target your upper or lower extremities for a more concentrated exercise.

Keep track of different fitness measures while working out. The digital performance display shows your time, speed, RPM, distance traveled, calories burned, and resistance. To see your pulse instantaneously and work within your goal heart rate range, use the handy pulse monitors on the stationary handlebars of the seat. Every workout, strive to reach your ideal level of intensity.



  • Not as smooth as gym equipment

Bottom line

I truly enjoy this Sunny Recumbent Bike. It’s easy to navigate. My spouse used it for rehabilitation following a complete knee replacement.

Circuit Fitness Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike

Warranty: 1 year


  • Dimensions: 25’’D x 55’’W x 48.5’’H
  • Adjustable Height (Min/Max): 5’-7’
  • Seat adjustment (inseam): Forward/back, up/down (slightly)
  • Built-in programs: 15
  • Resistance levels: 32
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Circuit Fitness Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike
Circuit Fitness Recumbent Bike

Circuit Fitness Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike has close to 979 ratings, averaging 4.3 stars out of 5.

This bike’s adjustable seat is its finest feature; it fits people weighing up to 300 pounds flawlessly and is comfortable. Your workouts may be more successful if you use the seat, which is made to encourage proper body form. The magnetic resistance replicates various terrains for personalized exercises and offers 15 preset programs to bring diversity to your routines.

The timer freezes far too frequently, and no information is available on resolving this problem, so although the LCD monitors all of your metrics, it is not of the finest quality. Even if it doesn’t interfere with the bike’s operation, it’s nonetheless inconvenient.

One of the bike’s advantages is its step-through design, which makes it simple to get on and off. While this may not seem like a significant problem to most people, it will be helpful for individuals with mobility concerns. Two sets of ergonomic handlebars are also included, and the adjustable pedals have straps to keep your feet in position.

While it’s an excellent bike, a few things may be improved.


  • Very robust
  • For people with mobility challenges, step-through designs are perfect.
  • Fifteen pre-programmed


  • Confusing directions for assembly
  • At times, the control panel’s timer freezes.

Bottom line

This bike’s adjustable seat is its finest feature; it fits people weighing up to 300 pounds flawlessly and is comfortable.

Niceday Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike

Warranty: No warranty


  • Product Dimension: 50″D x 23″W x 45″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 400 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 45 Inches
  • Minimum Height: 27 Inches
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 16
Niceday Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike
Niceday Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike

Niceday Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike has close to 846 ratings, averaging 4.5 stars out of 5.

These days, there is no shortage of alternatives if you want to purchase a high-quality recumbent bike for your house. Many of the better ones may cost up to $2000, but Niceday, a new fitness business, has created a far less expensive one.

With its remarkable strength and capacity to support users weighing up to 400 pounds, the Niceday Indoor Recumbent Bike is an ideal tool for burning calories, losing weight, and increasing your fitness level without putting undue strain on your joints. This bike is rather small for a recumbent bike, measuring around 50 by 23 inches.

I truly enjoy that this one has 16 resistance levels instead of the typical 8, allowing you to adjust the difficulty during your exercises.

Say goodbye to hip pain. With an ergonomic high level of soft sponge cushion and a breathable mesh backrest, embrace comfort. For users up to 6’3″, the easily adjustable 8-seat position allows for plenty of legroom.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Convenient and compact
  • Magnetic resistance is divided into sixteen levels.
  • Maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • It fits riders taller than 6′ 3″.
  • Transport grip
  • includes a dust cover


  • The LCD is a little hard to read in the dark condition.
  • No Bluetooth functionality

Bottom line

Overall, this Niceday Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike is an affordable model that should be enough for anyone wishing to burn many calories, reduce weight, increase their fitness, or recuperate from an injury despite having a basic display console.

HARISON Bluetooth Recumbent Exercise Bike

Warranty: 12 months


  • Product Dimension: 30″D x 20″W x 7″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 350 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 51 Inches
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 8
  • Item Weight: 55 Pounds
HARISON Recumbent Bike HR-B12

HARISON Bluetooth Recumbent Exercise Bike has close to 735 ratings, averaging 4.5 stars out of 5.

The HARISON Magnetic Mute System is a feature of the HARISON recumbent exercise bike. Eight magnetic resistance levels on the HARISON exercise bike allow different training intensities: 1-3 for a rapid cardio workout, 4-6 for an advanced aerobic calorie burn, and 7-8 for developing leg muscles. You may work out at your fitness level with the diversity of training intensities offered by the HARISON cycling exercise.

This device’s quiet and seamless operation stands out the most. The engineering is quite exceptional. The complete rig is quite strong, and the seat is pleasant.

Together with the odometer, the digital display provides readouts for calories burned, speed, distance traveled, time, and heart rate (detected by sensors in the handlebars on each side of the seat). Since my age and weight are not entered at any stage, it appears that the calorie computation is solely focused on the distance pedaled, making it impossible for the calculation to be accurate.

Since the display shows what you are up to or have done, the bike cannot be programmed to give various training routines, set objectives, etc. However, programmable bikes may cost hundreds of dollars. 

Exercise and living are two things that HARISON is dedicated to fusing, notably with its exercise bike, which was created with input from experts in rehabilitation. The home bike eases joint tension and lessens the strain on the back significantly. Professionals trust the HARISON cycle because it promotes healing through low-impact training, increasing strength and mobility.


  • Simple to use and cozy.
  • Good customer service
  • Affordable


  • A few components were not covered in the assembling instructions.
  • Sliding the tube and reassembling it takes time.

Bottom line

The bike is robustly constructed and well-built. Unable to fasten the foot pedal straps. Roughly three hours to put together. I could finish it in an hour if I had to do it over. The bike is sturdy and well-built.

HARISON Bluetooth Recumbent Exercise Bike

Warranty: Frame: 12 Months, Parts: Lifetime


  • Product Dimension: 36″D x 23″W x 12″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 400 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 51 Inches
  • Minimum Height: 38 Inches
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 14
HARISON Recumbent Bike HR-B8

HARISON Bluetooth Recumbent Exercise Bike has close to 735 ratings, averaging 4.2 stars out of 5.

With a 28-pound flywheel and an innovative magnetic resistance system that offers 14 levels of seamless magnetic resistance options via an adjustable tension knob for a more challenging workout, the HARISON Recumbent Exercise Bike makes sure that every pedal stroke is effortless and whisper-quiet. Distractions must go; only your fitness objectives must remain in focus. Almost no upkeep is necessary.

Hefty Precision performance and ergonomic design are combined in the stainless steel frame. The step-through construction makes getting on and off the HARISON recumbent bike easier quickly and resists oxidation and corrosion. The sturdy structure may support a user weighing up to 400 pounds.

The HARISON recumbent bike’s seated, reclining position makes it the best option for a family workout because it lowers the likelihood of heart disease improves cardiovascular endurance, strengthens various lower body muscle groups, and helps people lose weight. It’s also a great option for people with joint problems or recovering from injuries.


  • Good design and quality
  • Comfortable setting
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Limited warranty

Bottom line

This bike is excellent. The computerized display is simple to read and comprehend. Additionally, the bike’s angle is ideal. It is simple to stow and move about for exercise. My only issue is getting off the bike to change seats. making it challenging to make the proper adjustments.

MERACH Recumbent Exercise Bike

Warranty: 12 Month


  • Product Dimension: 48.03″D x 23.62″W x 46.46″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 46.46 Inches
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 8
MERACH Recumbent Exercise Bike

MERACH Recumbent Exercise Bike has close to 6 ratings, averaging 4.4 stars out of 5.

The conventional console on this model shows common information including speed, distance traveled, miles traveled, time, calories burned, pulse rate, and an odometer. You may watch your favorite shows on your tablet or smartphone using the tablet rest included with the console.

The ergonomic, cushioned seat of the S19 is broader than that of an upright bike. To assist you in holding your foot securely in position throughout each pedal stroke, the bigger pedals also have a textured surface and foot straps.

This bike’s frame has an 8-level resistance adjustment mechanism, similar to that seen in cars. This type has a perimeter-weighted flywheel enclosed in the front of the cycle that weighs 6.6 lbs.

There are two distinct handlebar sets available for this model. The handlebars around the saddle also measure your pulse rate and are shown on the console. Under the console is where you’ll find the other pair of handlebars.


  • Reasonably priced
  • outstanding quality of construction
  • cozy saddle
  • calm, no-cost on-demand lessons


  • Wobbly handlebars in a recliner
  • There is just a 12-month guarantee.

Bottom line

The Merach S19 is a recumbent bike that is reasonably priced and has all the features you need for excellent exercise at a much lower cost than other bikes on the market.

What Features Should a Recumbent Bike Have?

Suppose you’re convinced that purchasing a recumbent bike is the right decision. However, you want to find out on your own which one is ideal for you. That is incredible! Here are a few things to consider while searching for the one that best suits your requirements.

Comfort and Adjustability

You should be able to modify your recumbent bike to fit a variety of body types and heights. Large pedals, movable seat settings (at least 5), and straps are what you should look for.

Despite their reputation, even the best recumbent bikes require attention to detail. It is essential to have a cushioned seat; otherwise, you will need to place a cushion on it, which may cause you to lose your balance. A seat with an ergonomic design is a major benefit. Before purchasing your bike, test whether it offers adequate support by sitting on it.


One factor that will decide how long you can use a recumbent bike and whether it’s excellent is its durability. Seek to choose bicycles composed of premium materials like heavy-duty or alloy steel.


Wheels, wheels, and more wheels For easy mobility throughout your home, you want built-in wheels.


While a recumbent stationary bike won’t put you in debt, you shouldn’t get an inexpensive, weak bike that will fail after only a month. Achieve equilibrium between cost and excellence. These days, there are many affordable, high-quality recumbent bikes under $500.

Variety of Programs

Numerous training programs are available on a decent recumbent bike to ensure your workouts are difficult and engaging. Seek for bikes with pre-programmed settings; the more, the better.

Built-in Interactive Technologies

The integrated programs on a recumbent bike are another important feature. A top-tier bike will provide various appealing programs for a fun workout, from presets to routines and interactive training elements.

Interface User

Even the best recumbent exercise bike under $500 will have a display so you can monitor your progress. You seek an easy interface that displays all the data you want, like heart rate, distance traveled, time, speed, and calories burnt.


A recumbent exercise bike is one of the greatest pieces of equipment for low-impact aerobic exercises to burn those additional calories. Although they fall within the price range, our list’s best recumbent exercise bikes under $500 are unquestionably high quality. These are small and stationary, easing lower back and neck pressure.


Are bikes with reclines a smart way to lose weight?

Because they provide possibilities for high-intensity training, recumbent bikes are beneficial for weight loss and fat reduction.

Are knee injuries caused by recumbent bikes?

It’s common knowledge that bike workouts are comparable to running regimens. But one needs to be especially mindful of their posture. An exercise bike that does not have a seat or backrest that fits the body type puts undue strain on the knees. Injuries may result from this.

Is it possible to ride a recumbent bike daily?

Utilizing a recumbent bike twice or thrice weekly is advised to lower the risk of injury or overtraining.

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