Proform Carbon TLX

ProForm Carbon TLX Review: Budget Brilliance in Running Tech

The ProForm TLX has a powerful motor and a spacious running deck so you can comfortably hit your stride. The ProForm TLX may not be the perfect match for those logging all of their marathon training indoors, but if you’re someone who splits your time between the treadmill and the outdoors, the TLX is an awesome budget pick. 

The ProForm TLX is a straightforward treadmill you can upgrade with a phone or tablet for guided training from iFIT. However, you don’t need an active ProForm TLX subscription. You will need to create at least a throwaway account for iFIT to unlock the treadmill when you first get it, but after that, you’re good to go with or without iFIT. 

Highlights Of Proform Carbon TLX

Warranty: 10-Year Frame, 1-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor Warranty

  • Item Weight: 249 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Maximum Speed: 12 Miles per Hour
  • Special Feature: Built-In Speaker, Shock Absorbent, Heavy Duty, Auto Incline, Foldable
  • Maximum Horsepower: 3 Horsepower
  • Maximum Incline Percentage: 12
  • iFIT: 30-Day iFIT Trial Included
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lb.
  • Audio: Bluetooth®3 Audio Capabilities with Dual 2” Speakers
Proform Carbon TLX
Proform Carbon TLX


The Proform Carbon TLX treadmill motor is a 3CHP motor. A 20” x 60” running deck makes it perfect for runners who need an indoor solution on rainy days. This treadmill has a firm running deck, mimicking the feel of running outside on the road. It has a speed range of 0 to 12 mph and an incline range of 0 to 12%. It does not decline. There are buttons for each speed and incline level to adjust quickly.

Proform Carbon TLX  Deck
Proform Carbon TLX Deck

The TLX does not require a monthly subscription to use it. However, it can be paired with the iFIT app on your phone or tablet for a more guided training experience. The app will automatically adjust the speed and incline so you can train hands-free. You may utilize the app’s featured iFIT class or the treadmill in manual mode without a membership.

Among the console’s other features is Bluetooth connectivity for a heart rate sensor (as well as the app). It has a powerful cooling fan with multiple speed settings. There are speakers but require an aux cord to play music or other audio. There is a tablet rack, which is handy for viewing any content you would like while training. Another storage option is the huge cup holders, which offer plenty of space for all the little things you need when running or walking. 

The ProForm TLX is a folding treadmill. With its two transport wheels, it is quite portable and small. Yet, the treadmill is very stable for its size and supports users up to 300 lbs.

Proform Carbon TLX  Foldable Frame
Proform Carbon TLX Foldable Frame



The ProForm TLX differs from many iFIT-enabled treadmills by not having a touchscreen display. So it doesn’t have all of the smart features on deck that you might expect from an iFit treadmill, and that’s just fine because it’s part of what keeps this treadmill so affordable, and it doesn’t pressure you into the subscription. 

Proform Carbon TLX  Console
Proform Carbon TLX Console

ProForm does a great job of including a button for every speed and incline level. You don’t have to press many buttons to reach your desired speed. The only thing that is routinely confusing is the incline buttons being above the speed buttons. It is surely different for everyone, but you make the mistake of pressing the incline when you mean to adjust the speed whenever treadmill buttons are organized like this. It’s a minor pet peeve that wouldn’t deter me from using this treadmill.


The ProForm Carbon TLX has a bright 7-inch digital display. You have a nice high-contrast illuminated digital display. The text and numbers are bright blue against a black background. The numbers are also large, so it’s fairly easy to see it’s a simple setup. Navigation is tricky if you’re trying to get into the treadmill settings. You’ll want to have the manual on hand for that. 

Proform Carbon TLX  Screen
Proform Carbon TLX Screen


It was disappointing to find there’s no way to turn off the beeping noise the treadmill makes when you incline or speed up the treadmill. That’s my biggest pet peeve here. There are buttons for each incline and speed level underneath. One can’t stand when the treadmill skips over speed and incline levels, so we appreciate this feature for storage. 

Cup Holders

There are two large cup holders on the TLX. You can almost fit your giant 64 oz water bottle in them. There aren’t any more storage choices on the TLX, but these roomy compartments should hold most of your essentials. You can fit a smart device, water, and nutrition on the TLX.

Device rack

You get a device rack, one feature that makes the more affordable treadmills from ProForm and NordicTrack appeal over their higher-end alternatives. With this tablet rack, you aren’t locked into training with iFit. you can view any other content you want from your phone or tablet. Of course, you can use the tablet rack to train with iFIT if you have an active subscription. 


The speakers are the one feature that lets you down. They are not Bluetooth. An auxiliary wire cannot connect Your phone or tablet to the speakers. you know this is a big deal for users without an audio jack on their phones. You may need an adapter to use the TLX’s speakers.

The volume was fine, but it could have been a little louder. However, you also cannot stand the ProForm Carbon TLX’s beeping after every speed and incline adjustment. The only way to eliminate the beeping is to turn down the treadmill volume completely, but then, the speakers are useless. So, if you use iFIT content, you can listen to the beep and the trainer’s audio or neither.


If there’s one feature that is disappointing on the TLX’s console, it is the speakers. There was hope that there was Bluetooth, but the only sound played through them was with an ox cord. The sound level is fine, but if you turn the audio up, you also end up turning up the beeping. Weirdly, the ProForm Carbon TLX still sports some Bluetooth connectivity.

You can also train with iFIT connected to the treadmill while using Bluetooth headphones with your phone. It’s also nice to drown out some foot and motor noise to get in the zone. As an iFIT treadmill, the ProForm Carbon TLX pairs seamlessly with the iFIT app. Remember to pair it from within the app, not your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth settings. 


The fan is powerful. The angle is a little high for me, a 5’4 runner, but if you are taller, it’s perfect. It was a little noisy, but I didn’t mind it. 


  • The ProForm Carbon TLX is incredibly reasonably priced and provides great value for the money.
  • The 3.0 horsepower engine of the TLX is more than sufficient for operation.
  • Via Bluetooth, the TLX and iFIT’s smart training platform are compatible.
  • The device rack on the TLX is integrated.
  • The speakers and fan are powerful enough.
  • The TLX seems to be quite steady.


  • The TLX isn’t a silent running machine.
  • Some users might not find the firm cushioning appealing.
  • It has a headphone port; however, the speakers are not Bluetooth.

User Experience

Here are a few reviews of ProForm TLX owners

Zach from the United States states: The treadmill is beautiful and works great. Easy to put together. Most people will need another person to put it together. My only issue is basically being forced at gunpoint to get an iFit membership. The treadmill is locked until you activate the membership, but they don’t tell you that you can just hold the iFit button down for 10–15 seconds to unlock it. Really scummy back alley behavior there. I’d give it 5/5 if it weren’t for that. The treadmill is awesome.

Kyle from the United States states: The ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill has truly impressed me with its remarkable sturdiness. As someone who engages in regular and vigorous running sessions, the durability of the treadmill stands out as a key feature. The robust construction of the machine provides a stable and secure platform, allowing me to confidently push my limits during every workout. The solid build of the ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill ensures minimal vibrations and noise, creating a smooth and quiet running experience.

The sturdiness of the treadmill extends to its well-designed frame, which remains firmly in place even during high-intensity sprints. This stability not only enhances my overall workout experience but also instills a sense of confidence in the durability of the equipment. Whether I’m engaging in a brisk jog or an intense run, the ProForm Carbon TLX Treadmill maintains its sturdiness, delivering a dependable performance. This aspect, combined with its other features, makes it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a treadmill that can withstand the rigors of consistent and demanding running workouts.


The ProForm TLX Treadmill proves you don’t need an outrageous budget to afford a running treadmill. It’s also nice to see an iFIT brand install a fully functional treadmill without a subscription. There are a few high-tech features you might be missing, but all in all, the TLX has 3 3-horsepower motors and a specious running deck that do exactly what you need them to. This treadmill is best for those who are curious about it but are not ready for commitment. It’s also good for runners who need an affordable indoor solution for rainy days.


Ques: What distinguishes the Proform Carbon TLX from other treadmills on the market?
Ans) With its state-of-the-art technology, virtual coaching, live exercise sessions, and stylish design that blends innovation and performance, the Proform Carbon TLX is unique.

Ques: Can the Proform Carbon TLX be folded up for easier storage?
Ans) Yes, the Proform Carbon TLX has a folding design that saves space and allows users to easily recover their floor space after working out.

Ques: In what ways does the touchscreen display improve my experience working out?
Ans) The high-definition touchscreen provides An immersive and captivating exercise experience, giving users access to various interactive exercises, trainer-led sessions, and beautiful routes.

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