NordicTrack 1250 Treadmill

Expert Insights on NordicTrack 1250: Masterful Analysis

The NordicTrack 1250 is a running treadmill. It has good cushioning, incline, and decline. It also has virtual training content from iFIT. You’ll need an iFIT subscription to use most of its features. It’s suitable for anyone who wants guided training and doesn’t mind the additional monthly or yearly cost.

The NordicTrack 1250 is part of NordicTrack’s popular commercial treadmill series. It is the most affordable option in the lineup. This makes it a good option for one user or a group who will share the treadmill if they don’t use it daily.

NordicTrack 1250 Treadmill – Highlight

Warranty: 10 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor

  • Deck size: 20″ x 60″
  • Motor Size: 3.0 CHP – May not be powerful enough for heavier use/multiple users
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Speed Range: 0-12 mph
  • Incline/Decline Range: -3% to 12%
  • Cushioning: Soft
  • Roller Size: 1.9″
  • Footprint: 78.5” L x 35.6”W x 64.7”H
  • Product Weight: 281.6 lb in-box
NordicTrack 1250 Commercial Treadmill
NordicTrack 1250


The 1250 has a 3.0 continuous Horsepower motor, the minimum you want for a running treadmill. A more powerful treadmill like the NordicTrack 1750 or the NordicTrack 2450 is needed for runners doing high mileage daily, but this motor is just fine for lower mileage. You can share the NordicTrack 1250 with others in your household if you’re not all planning to run on the treadmill daily. 

As for the running surface, it’s 20 inches by 60 inches, which is the perfect size for running. Since this treadmill works for running, it will also be great for walking. The NordicTrack 1250 has a standard speed range of 0 to 12 miles per hour on most home treadmills. It does decline to negative three percent, and the maximum incline is 12 percent. The incline and decline work well with iFIT content to create a more realistic virtual run. 

Nordictrack-1250-treadmill-Foldable feature
Nordictrack-1250-treadmill-Foldable feature

You’ll want a designated space for the NordicTrack 1250 because it’s a heavy treadmill. You can move it around on its two wheels by tilting it, but it’s not easy for everyone to move. The deck has a hydraulic arm, which makes it easier to lift, and it also lets the deck lower to the ground softly so you don’t have to bend down and support its weight by yourself. You have to use the kick release to unlock it. 

The frame is solid steel with a few plastic pieces and has a Z shape. The NordicTrack 1250 can support a user weight of up to 300 pounds. It’s more affordable than other treadmills in this lineup but has similar features and performance capabilities. 

NordicTrack 1250 treadmill Frame


Smart Features 

The NordicTrack 1250 has Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your music out loud or with headphones. This is handy for following along with iFIT’s content or listening to the radio. One of the volume buttons will bring up the audio settings screen, giving you control over all features. 

Incline and Decline 

With the 1250, you have smart speed and incline adjustments, but you also have a smart fan that speeds up and slows down when you do. You have to set it to auto; you can also adjust the speed yourself. If you want to train manually, there are one-touch buttons along the sides of the screen for speed and inclination. The NordicTrack 1250 has a button for each mile per hour and incline grade.


The center stage is the 10-inch touchscreen. The display rotates and tilts to get a good viewing angle on or off the treadmill. The screen responds quickly to touch, so you don’t have to press the buttons many times before it does anything. You have additional buttons for the fan and volume controls.

Nordictrack-1250-treadmill-tilt screen
NordicTrack 1250 treadmill tilt screen

Additional Storage 

There are cup holders for storage. There’s one key feature missing from the console, and that’s a table rack. There’s nowhere convenient to store a phone or tablet for watching. The cup holders are your only option for keeping your phone. This is one reason why having an iFIT subscription is so essential, with 1250. 


The 1250s deck cushion comes with a bit of spring, so recovering from faster workouts or returning from injury is easier on the 1250 than outdoors. The only limitation is how it translates to running on the road.

If you’re training for a road race but mostly running on the treadmill, race day might feel harder because the cushioning and bounce are gone. The 1250 is excellent for shock absorption. The incline is automatically adjusted to match the terrain on the screen so you feel like you’re there or as close as you can feel while on the treadmill.

NordicTrack 1250 treadmill deck

iFIT Content 

This training platform is loaded with videos with structured workouts led by iFIT trainers. You follow these trainers through trails and routes in all these destinations and countries worldwide. There are walks and runs on every continent. The trainers coach you, give you information about the beautiful places you’re exploring virtually, and even share stories from their lives.

The speed is preset, but iFIT will learn your fitness level over time, so if you override the preset levels, the workout will automatically adjust to match your feedback. iFIT will adjust future workouts so you get a more personalized workout each time. iFIT also has content for strength training and yoga. You can use your account with other NordicTrack or iFIT equipment.


  • The plush cushioning of NordicTrack absorbs shock upon impact and gives you a boost for your next stride. Your next cardio workout on this treadmill will be something to look forward to.
  • A complimentary 30-day trial of iFIT is included with the 1250 and may be used both on and off your treadmill. iFIT proves its worth as a comprehensive fitness platform with numerous classes to select from.
  • The least expensive model in NordicTrack’s Commercial series is the 1250.
  • You may work out hands-free with iFIT’s AutoAdjust technology, allowing you to concentrate on your workout rather than pushing buttons.
  • Enjoy easy access to all of the features of this treadmill thanks to the conveniently located console and built-in tray. It eliminates the need to stop working out because the storage, buttons, and touchscreen are all conveniently located.
  • The motor hood is only slightly elevated above the belt, lowering the possibility that your foot will strike it.


  • The console rattles and vibrates when the heel strikes instead of the midfoot or forefoot.
  • Although the simple design is visually appealing, it does away with beloved elements like the tablet rack, inclination handles, and extra storage.
  • Greater horsepower in a smaller motor could be preferable for homes with multiple users or heavier use.
  • It is expensive compared to most other 3HP motor treadmills.

User Experience

Here are a few Amazon reviews of NordicTrack 1250 owner

Ryan from the United States stated: I love this treadmill. It’s durable, stable, and feels great to run on. The setup was straightforward. It has incredible features, seamless adjustments, and a big, easy-to-read display. NordicTrack more than met my expectations and revolutionized my training. I am delighted with my treadmill purchase.

SunZmSpark from the United States stated: I’ve burned through a few treadmills over the years, and the NordicTrack is the one that seems to hold up to the stress of everyday use (I typically put 4 miles on it every day, sometimes more). My previous two treadmills were Horizon models, which didn’t last more than a few years. Before that, I had a Nordic track that held up for twice as long. I decided to return to a NordicTrack Commercial model and am very pleased. My only complaint is that I can’t create a custom routine without subscribing to iFit.

Nordictrack 1250 Alternatives

Many treadmills on the market have 3HP motors, 20 “x60” tread belts, 300 lbs or more maximum user weight, 12 mph, and 0 to 15% incline. For example, Sole F63, Horizon 7.0 AT, etc. Most of these are less expensive, too. Nordictrack treadmills also have a shorter frame, motor, and deck warranty. But, finding a 3HP motor treadmill with a decline function isn’t easy, nor is an iFit enabled.


The NordicTrack 1250 treadmills’ top two features are the soft cushion deck and the iFIT content. If either of those features appeals to you, it is worth checking out. The other features on the 1250 support iFIT training well. The good part is that this treadmill inclines and declines. 

The only thing that’s missing is a tablet rack. If you use iFIT, that’s easy to forgive. Individual runners or walkers will get a great workout on the 1250. It has all the features most walkers and runners could want, cool smart features, and a folding deck to save you some space. The NordicTrack 1250 is a great entry point into one of the most popular treadmill lines on the market for the home. 


Ques: What is the NordicTrack 1250 user weight limit?

Ans) This treadmill has a maximum user weight capability of about 300 pounds.

Ques: Is installation necessary for the NordicTrack Commercial 1250 treadmill?

Ans) Indeed, it needs to be assembled. It includes comprehensive instructions, and while construction times may vary, they often take a few hours.

Ques: Does the purchase of the NordicTrack 1250 come with an iFIT membership?

Ans) A trial membership may be included with some models, but generally speaking, the iFIT subscription is an additional cost.

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