Exerpeutic 2500

Exerpeutic 2500: Comfort Meets Fitness- A User’s Perspective

Today, I have the Exerpeutic 2500 Bluetooth 3-way adjustable desk recumbent exercise bike; it’s a mouthful. This is essential for a recumbent bike that is easier on your knees because it is recumbent and has a lot of adjustable features.

The desk height and angles are adjustable, and the height of the seat and the distance from the pedals are just adjustable, so this is a sort of companion bike to the Exeter Work 1000, which is a lot more famous, and that’s a standard height bike that has a desk feature so you can work while exercising.

Highlights of Exerpeutic 2500

Warranty: 3 years limited


  • Product Dimension: 53.5″D x 25″W x 40″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 250 pounds
  • Maximum Height: 41 Inches
  • Minimum Height: 24 Inches
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 14


With free software, you can accomplish work while being healthy with the Exerpeutic 2500 ExerWork Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness desk recumbent bike. For comfort during your workouts, the Exerpeutic 2500 boasts an elastic seat, an ample adjustable countertop, and 14 levels of magnetic resistance. 

With the free My Cloud Fitness app, you can track your workouts, set fitness objectives, and do much more. You might reach your fitness goals and burn calories while working, reading, or watching a movie. You can achieve your fitness goals with the Exerpeutic 2500 ExerWork Bluetooth desk recumbent bike.

Cloud Fitness Exerpeutic 2500
Cloud Fitness Exerpeutic 2500

A massive (24″ x 16″) fully movable desktop including tilt, front, rear, up, and down functions. Eight height adjustments, ranging from 36.5″ to 41″, and seven angle adjustments, ranging from 0 to 30 degrees, are available. There are armrests available. a PC featuring an LCD screen. It has a 44-pound capacity.

The free My Cloud Fitness app for iOS and Android is included with Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness to help you track your workout results. I can set three activity objectives with my Cloud Fitness app: distance, time, and calories burned.

14 levels of smooth magnetic tension resistance are available for you to test. The bike’s step-through design facilitates easy on-and off-road riding, and an LCD panel provides information on distance traveled, calories burnt, speed, odometer, and scan. 250 pounds in weight. Weight-bearing capacity.



This exercise bike is a recumbent style, and for added convenience, it also has two cup holders. The desk surface is 24 inches by 16 inches, so it’s pretty large. Even if you put a 14-inch laptop on the desk, you’ll see plenty of space, and of course, you still get the cup holders even if you have adjustable at a quiet angle as long as you have a cap on your cup.

You still should be able to put it there; you have seven adjustment angles on the desk, and you can use the tighteners to adjust the desk angle. You have eight height adjustments on the desk, ranging from 36.5 inches from the ground to 41 inches from the ground.

To adjust the desk, you have to unscrew both the bolts, and then you just gonna angle whatever you want and tighten both sides. So, for height adjustments, you unscrew the bolt, increase or decrease the height, and then tighten it back up. The adjustments are pretty straightforward. There is also a padded armrest on the desk, so if you have your keyboard, you have a built-in armrest, which is also perfect.


You get the calories counter, the speed and distance counter, and its Bluetooth capability so you can connect your phone to it, and using the My Cloud Fitness app, you can keep track of your stats from multiple executive devices.


There’s a red bolt to move the seat back. You pull it out, and then if you want it straight, you push it through. The seat has a lot of cushion. It’s like almost three inches of cushion. You can sit on it for hours without any discomfort or pain or anything like that.


The pedals have different tighteners for the size of your feet. So, if you want something tighter or have smaller feet, you can adjust the size from there. It’s pretty grippy, and some people might find it a little painful, so you can wear shoes with it, and that’s fine, too.

This bike has no issues, no squeaking or anything like that. There is a tension adjuster down, which you can go up or down depending on how intense a workout you want. While pedaling, there’s no squeaking, but there’s some humming from the bike chain, but that’s normal; otherwise, there’s no squeaking. It has a nice large work surface. You will not feel much pressure on your knees because it is a recumbent bike.

Side handles

While riding, you can see there are handles on the side. If you want to adjust the tension, use your arms to help you force the pedal. 



  • The tension control will not be suitable for really fit athletes.

User Experience

Here are a few Exerpeutic 2500 reviews of the owner

Liliane M Rinberger from the United States states: I bought this in the hopes of being able to use it…. I’m 4′ 11″ and even though some reviews had mentioned it working well for shorter users, I was nervous… not about reaching the pedals but more about if it would be comfortable and not feel stretched to reach. My fears were totally unfounded.

It arrived quickly, was very easy to assemble and the overall quality is excellent! We had one small problem… The screw connectors for the desktop portion were broken so there was no way to attach it. I called the customer service number on the inside of the instruction manual and was quickly greeted by a friendly and very helpful lady.

I provided her my Amazon order number and she quickly found my order and sent a replacement desktop right away. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of service I received. It’s really nice when a company acts like they care about their customers.

On top of all that… the bike is comfortable, quiet, has great tension control, easily adjustable for short or tall, convenient with the great desktop, has excellent features with the my cloud fitness app and looks stylish in my home. Thank you Paradigm for a great product and great service!


A three-angle adjustable backrest provides excellent back support while exercising. The position of a slider seat may be adjusted infinitely. Soft grip handlebars to help you push through challenging workouts. The bike is easy to customize to suit individual preferences and may be used regularly by all family members.

The best thing is that we can use our laptops to watch entertaining or instructional movies while working out, so it never feels like a waste of time. In addition, the MyCloudFitness app keeps you motivated to ride your bike every day by tracking your regular fitness activities.


What is the weight capacity of EXERPEUTIC 2500?

The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds.

Is the EXERPEUTIC 2500 Bike Noisy? 

No, the EXERPEUTIC 2500 is exceptionally smooth, with no noise.

How much is the Resistance level of EXERPEUTIC 2500?

The resistance level is 14 for EXERPEUTIC 2500.

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