NordicTrack Commercial VR21

NordicTrack Commercial VR21: Experience Comfort and Versatility

Featuring step-through technology, the NordicTrack VR21 recumbent bike is an economical entry-level bike with plenty of comfort, including a wide seat, back support, front pedals, and more. It has extra-wide pedals, a vented seat for lumbar support, and a 23-pound flywheel.

You also get 32 pre-installed training programs, an audio port for connecting your smartphone or MP3 player to your console so you can use the built-in speakers to listen to music, and an iFIT-compatible wireless chest strap.

Highlights of NordicTrack Commercial VR21

Warranty: Frame: 10 years, Parts: 2 years, Labor: 1 year


  • Product Dimension: 59″D x 22.25″W x 52″H
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 350 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 52 Inches
  • Minimum Height: 5 Inches
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 25


You can quickly examine your data while working out because of the adjustable viewing angle of the 5″ backlit LCD. Additionally, it is compatible with iFIT, which allows you to access various training programs, including trainer-led exercises, Google map routes, and stat monitoring for your workouts.

The design of this bike has a large, padded seat with a mesh backrest to support your back and enhance comfort. Sweating will be lessened thanks to the seat’s mesh material, especially during intense exercise. Lumbar support is also excellent for those who require back support during physical activity.

NordicTrack Commercial VR21
NordicTrack Commercial VR21 Recumbent Bike

The VR21 may be used with handlebar grip HR sensors or a wireless chest strap (separate purchase required) for heart rate monitoring. Listening to music using the integrated 2″ speakers with an iPod connector while exercising is possible.

To keep you cool, the integrated AutoBreeze fan can change the cooling intensity depending on the degree of resistance. The frame’s integrated water bottle holder helps you stay hydrated during strenuous and exciting exercise routines.



The VR21 has a strong frame. When set on a level floor, it won’t rock. Steel support bars are covered with plastic molding to protect the flywheel and drive belt.

Horizontal bars cross the saddle, while vertical upright bars encircle the console. Every handlebar grip has a black powder coating and molded sweat- and bacteria-resistant plastic handholds. Handlebars are readily cleaned after use and do not retain moisture.

Thanks to EKG sensors mounted on the upright handlebars, your heart rate is displayed on the screen. The console is attached to the upright bars. The orange knob on the forward post raises and lowers the handlebars and console. Because saddle handlebars are fixed to the seat, they adjust to the seat’s position.


The saddle design of the VR21 is novel. Maximum comfort is ensured with a broad, cushioned base that prevents saddle pain from riding. By allowing airflow, the vented backrest prevents you from leaning on a sweaty backrest even when your body temperature rises while you’re riding.

Additionally, it is smooth and antimicrobial, and the seat and backrest are easy to clean and won’t retain bacteria. Although the VR21 cannot be folded, you may tilt the bike up and roll it out of the way when necessary, thanks to the huge wheels on the front stabilizer.


Bright white digital numerals are set against a black background on the 5″ LCD screen. Using the console controllers, navigating the screen is simple.

Located at the top of the console is the LCD screen. Resistance levels and onboard programs are controlled by buttons just beneath the screen. Directly behind this button array are speakers. Below the speakers is a broad ledge where you may rest your phone or tablet.

Most numbers will still be visible even if a huge tablet obscures the lowest portion of the screen and the number array. An exterior lip on this ledge keeps your gadget in place. Numbered resistance buttons and settings for the fan and speakers are also present. Located around chest height, the fan is situated at the console’s base.


You may connect your phone to the console’s auxiliary connection and use it to play music over the speakers. There is no sound in any of the onboard programs. Thanks to the speakers, you have a fantastic alternative to ride hands-free without using headphones. The console display has volume control.


Additionally, reducing noise is a protective cover for the drive belt and flywheel. Because digital resistance is almost silent compared to friction resistance, you may ride the VR21 at any time of the day without bothering anyone around.

Above the flywheel is a single cup holder fastened to the front post. It is easily accessible and should fit snuggly in most water bottles. The VR21 provides a calm, comfortable ride. The flywheel doesn’t make much noise but offers enough resistance to raise your heart rate.


  • 20-pound flywheel
  • 25 magnetic resistance levels
  • Robust frame
  • 350 lb weight limit
  • 32 plans for exercise
  • Big, comfortable seat
  • Compatible with iFit
  • Bluetooth-compatible chest strap
  • The AutoBreeze cooling fan


  • The reputation of NordicTrack’s customer service is poor.

NordicTrack vr21 Reviews

Here are a few Diamondback Fitness 510SR reviews of the owners

I appreciate that Cheryl W from the United States states that assembling is easy. No noise at all when biking, very sturdy and overall a great bike. Nordic Track also has the best customer service.

Tessa T from the United States states that we had to hire a pro to assemble the thumb tack. Strong and sturdy. A great investment

NordicTrack Vr21 Vs Schwinn 230

The choice was as hard as nails. But the winner, in my opinion, is the NordicTrack VR21 recumbent exercise bike.

Compared to the NordicTrack VR21, it is somewhat larger. Generally, whether an exercise bike is a few inches longer or higher doesn’t matter. But believe me, it makes a big difference at 6’2 and 220 pounds.

45 minutes into my exercises, the VR21’s adjustable seat forces me to stretch my knee to the point of discomfort. I risk banging my knees against the frame if I try to adjust the seat.

However, the Schwinn 270 has a flawless design right out of the box. It requires little effort on my part to put everything together, get on it, and begin working out. The Eddy Current Resistance method is also my preference over the Digital one. On you, it’s less likely to fail.


Overall, the NordicTrack VR21 is a terrific purchase if you’re searching for a tone of exercise variation and the ability to access instructor-led programs through iFIT. With this robust, well-made bike, users may sit low and behind the pedals to lessen the strain on their joints. Although recumbent bikes are often more comfortable than upright cycles, they offer excellent low-impact cardiovascular and leg strengthening benefits. 


What is the NordicTrack Commercial VR21’s weight capacity?

For the VR21, a maximum weight of 350 pounds is advised.

What are the NordicTrack Commercial VR21’s dimensions?

The product measures 52 H by 22.25 W by 59 D.

What is the number of resistance levels available in the NordicTrack Commercial VR21?

With 25 magnetic resistance levels, users may customize their exercises with the VR21.

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