Mistakes to avoid on Elliptical

Steering Clear: 11 Mistakes To Avoid On Elliptical Workouts

Maximize Your Fitness Potential: Uncover common elliptical errors and learn how to sidestep them for safe, effective workouts.

Step up to the elliptical, ready to conquer that cardio session, but wait! Are you guilty of some all-too-common mistakes that could be sabotaging your workout? Join us as we reveal the top 11 mistakes to avoid on ellipticals holding you back, and learn how to sidestep them for a safer, more effective fitness journey. Let’s go!

Elliptical trainers are one of the famous and accessible gym equipment that helps the individual to be in shape, lose weight, and, most importantly, work out without offering much impact on the joints. Apart from that, it also improves cardiovascular fitness and tone the muscles.

These days people, especially older people, are getting more inclined towards this equipment as it offers a low-impact workout while increasing your heart rate. It is becoming the equipment of choice compared to treadmills for some individuals. But while exercising on an elliptical machine, several people tend to make common mistakes that result in injury. So, in this article, we will look at the top 11 mistakes to avoid on elliptical.

Top Mistakes to Avoid on Elliptical

Need to take care of posture

It is one of the common mistakes most people make when using or exercising on an elliptical machine. When you are ready to work on an elliptical, keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed throughout the workout. 


Moreover, always put pressure on the whole body while protecting the lumbar area. Also, pay attention to the movement of your feet; if you want to burn excess calories, carry weight on your heels rather than leaning too much on your toes with calf cramps.

Not taking advantage of handlebars

If you don’t grab the handles of the elliptical machine while exercising, hold on to them next time you work out. Gripping handlebars brings the exercise to the upper body right from the top of your lower body to deliver a balanced workout.

The main motive for using handles is they will help you to burn more calories than you expect. On top of that, ensure not to overgrip the handles as it will create unnecessary tension in the arms and shoulders. So, relax the grip, allowing your arms to move fluidly and naturally.

Elliptical Holding the Bar
Elliptical Holding the Bar

Especially in treadmill cum elliptical combos, it can cause accidents too.

Using the wrong resistance level

Many elliptical machines come with resistance levels that allow the user to increase or decrease the complexity of their workout. Using the right resistance level opposite your needs will make your workout more challenging; you will get optimum results. 

So, to get the best result start with a comfortable resistance level and then increase the level while you become satisfied with the elliptical.

Skipping cool-downs and warm-ups

Both warm-ups and cool-downs are essential components of the workout that helps the body to get the best performance and optimum result. Unfortunately, most individuals skip this critical thinking that they are not vital.

Warm ups before exercise

But skipping these means you welcome the risk of injury and hinder recovery. So, before you start and finish your workout, spend a few minutes warming up and cooling down. This step will maximise the positive result of what you are expecting.

Bouncing up and down

It is another common mistake people make on an elliptical machine. This habit of bobbing up and down is unique, like walking or running, but your body must be levelled during a workout. 

Staying in a levelled position reduces the excess impact on the joints; otherwise, you will wake up complaining about joint pain in your knees the following day. Moreover, working out in a levelled position stops you from cheating with your exercise because if you do so, you are using your weight and gravity to move the pedals rather than working out your body.

 Holding your breath

Taking a breath in and out while exercising is crucial for the whole body and getting the best result. But make sure to breathe correctly, which will help you gain excellent performance from your elliptical workout. 

Holding your breath

Most people hold their breath, leading to fatigue and reducing the workout’s effectiveness. So, make sure to breathe deeply throughout the exercise.

Not maintaining the elliptical machine

To achieve your fitness goal quickly, check your elliptical machine regularly. In short, stay in the room and the workout area after you finish your workout. Rather clean the elliptical machine right away.

Elliptical Cleaning

Additionally, also take a look at all the components of the machine and their condition for wear and tear. However, if you notice any damage, call the professional immediately and replace it to prevent injuries and prolong its lifespan. 

Using the incline in the incorrect way

Some premium models of elliptical machines also come with adjustable incline ramps. Regarding this, I want to clear one doubt: don’t assume the higher the incline, the more resistance you feel on an elliptical. 

This feature of an elliptical machine is designed to make the equipment work like a stepper to make the workout varied.

Ignoring your heart rate

The individual heart rate plays an essential role or works as an indicator of your workout intensity. That is why monitoring the heart rate throughout the workout is necessary to ensure you work at the right intensity level. 

You will also avoid overexerting yourself and reduce the risk of injury.

 Not distributing your weight evenly over the pedals

First, before you start your workout on an elliptical machine, balance your body weight evenly between your feet. After that, focus on distributing your weight evenly on each foot. This method helps the individual to maximise her workout and prevent injury.

Going too fast

Going fast on an elliptical machine is effortless, but going too fast can lead to losing balance and the risk of injury. So, keep the pace steady throughout the workout for the best results. 

The bottom line

These are some common mistakes people make while exercising on an elliptical machine. So, avoid these mistakes, and you can get the most out of your elliptical workout while preventing any injury. Remember all the points we discussed above to achieve your fitness goal and make your workout routine safe and effective.

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